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Interesting, hopefully we’ll hear more soon on those unannounced projects

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None of what people are referring to as woke is actually woke. That’s the bastardized right wing version of what the word means. It stood for empowerment through knowledge and being principled around one’s beliefs. Now it’s just a disguise for calling out black and brown people or anything that is non-white/western. But also…. Who cares???? Games are for playing

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Huh? Credit where it was due? Where was it due? Does praising Sony and throwing dirt on Xbox make my PS5 more powerful? Lol like what is the gain??

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This game was actually pretty good, remember this one fondly. 8.6-9.0 in my book

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Lol, how is the response to “flopped” a MS attack?

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Dang …. Folks I know have had really good things to say about PSVR2… I’m interested for sure but this is a $450 or lower purchase for me. Will jump in at that point probably

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I hear ya @Brazz, that’s why we all loving gaming though right? There’s something for everyone’s preference! If you ever want to give keyboard and mouse on Xbox a try, here’s a list of supported games:

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For folks, like me, that grew up on consoles, it can be tough to transition over to PC. Having these games on console is a great way to expand the player base and make these franchises even more popular and accessible. That said, with consoles now giving gamers keyboard and mouse support, it opens up new possibilities, mods are even making their way over now.

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@darthv72 Yes!!! Man sometimes I long for those days… PS2/GC/Xbox days, even into the PS360 days

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I’m interested in giving this one a go. I hope it’s good but I guess we’ll see. 2023 is looking to be a banner year in gaming!

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Amen friend. Not having to miss out on Zelda, Starfield, Redfall or Spider-Man 2 this year is where it’s at!

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I’ll tell you jznrpg, last gen was not a good gen for Xbox, I spent most of my time gaming via my PS4. From MGS5 to Horizon to GoW. Now, I spend most of my time gaming on Xbox, and a lot of it has to do with flexibility and affordability. I can buy digital games from anywhere, which makes pricing much more competitive. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by a few gems, IMO, that Xbox has dropped this gen. That said PS has definitely had the bigger premium titles, HFW being my favorite so far ...

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Thankfully this looks like the light at the end of the tunnel so that we don’t have to see ABK Deal in the headlines anymore…. This has been so tiring. I think this thing has driven people, online at least, deeper into their camps of fanboyism. Xbox Fans, please try PS5 - PS Fans, please try Xbox. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Yea, please do…. Also, answer this, has Sony done any of those things?

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@ Redemption-64, real question, no snark….. why’re you mad?

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Queue the flood of “MS stole games from PS” Can’t wait to see the landscape 5 years from now when everyone has moved on. Sony owns what they own and MS Owns what they own and both companies can do with those products what they’d like to. Wish I had a trillion dollars, I’d buy all the fanboys PS5’s and Xbox’s haha

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This was your very first thought here? Not “Gee, maybe I’ll give this a try, seems like the devs pushed out a good product. I’ll try for myself”
“Wow, not for me, but glad gamers are enjoying gaming”
Dang man, keep fighting the good fight I guess?

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You don’t know what a monopoly is based on this comment

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