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We got an asshat right here

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2015 will start off with a bag Bloodborne and Order 1886. Is there any XB1 exclusives to compete with those PS4 exclusives?

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Too many nut jobs on here for me to agree to this.

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Just let it go already. They will do what is best for their game. If you don't like it don't buy it. Millions of others will still buy and enjoy. 1080p don't make a good game.

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Wii U do have more games with higher review scores. When the new Zelda come I know it will get 9's and 10's. That's when I will get a Wii U.

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Great review.

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Took a year to get BF4 fixed right. This why I been saying BF4 should have came out this year. Last year it wasn't ready but I don't blame DICE, it's EA that wanted it out now.

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Drake you sexy beast.

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Haha good advertising but not again will I buy those big boxes.

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Like I said before 1080p don't make a good story or gameplay better but some PS4 fans got upset when this game was 1st said to be at 900p but that was false. Even at 1080p ya'll saying this game look bad. I think resolution for some games don't even matter. All this fuss over resolution is sad.

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Always articles like this claim something epic will be shown but turns out to be meh. I'm not gonna get hype over a rumor so til I actually see something worth getting hype about, I'm not hype at all.

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I wish it was on PS4. Really want to wait for Zelda to get Wii U. I will have to be patient.

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LOL that was quick.

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There's also The Crew and Project Cars later this year. No racer is king yet but I understand that this is both exclusive games so I like Driveclub but FH2 is really a great game. I give Evolution credit for trying something new but I think they better with the off road racers. Motorstorm was a great series. I would actually compare FH2 to The Crew cause they both open world racers. I have a feeling Project Cars will be the better racer til GT7 comes.

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So was the live stream also fake with fake BioWare employees?

What is more sad to me is gamers are more interested in the resolution and not the game itself. 1080p don't make a good story or gameplay better right?

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Omega Mode is FREE? I'm surprise. Looks like it will be fun.

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There's only hype when you make the hype. The younger generation are followers. If you claim a game will be amazing then they will believe it.

Glad I think for myself. BTW Driveclub is great and the bad reviews are not keeping me from enjoying it.

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I'm with you on this. I've seen this happening last gen. No doubt MS is behind this. These companies don't care which console perform better they just want money and MS is having a lot of behind close doors deals with them. One of the reasons why PS4 is selling better than XB1 is cause the games can perform at a higher resolution than XB1.

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Steve Kerr a coach and commentator lol. Well still better than NBA Live.

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I like Driveclub but this is just a F up by Sony. I don't believe there will be a 2nd game. I would prefer Evolution make more Motorstorm games. They were great on PS3.

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