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I enjoyed it for a month

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American companies ruin everything m

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Nice try Mike lol

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Not baffling when you touch the game and realize it’s just a big cut scene. It’s not fun and it sucks so makes sense.

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Cause it kinda sucks lol

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Pure ignorance

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I can never understand somebody saying I put 100 hours into something and I thought it was bland and didn’t like it lol 100 hours. Some people haven’t even spent 100 hours in the gym in their life.

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Baffles me that people over the age of 12 play this game still

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Signed lol

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😂 Buys a game on the console it’s meant for but chooses not to play and instead spend full price to buy the game again on a different console that will play the game the exact same but probably not as good considering it’s native for PS five. Strange ppl

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Why do we even allow these articles and opinions to be shared lol I know we got free speech and all but some things are just better left. Not sad because they’re so idiotic. Yeah please I’d love to pay more money for my video games sounds good.

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Who cares 😂

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Armored core was so good that this won’t be much of anything lol

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Incompetent response. On the surface you can say that but behind it all as
Others have explained it in reality was a flop compared to what it should have done

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Visuals aren’t even that bad performance is a drag tho. I jus don’t get ppl saying this game looks bad it’s just not true

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What happened? They made a fun open world outing that most ppl who aren’t anally inclined would enjoy. It’s fun

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Gears of war or gtfo

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I mean, we can all agree that this is just an excuse, right.? Demon souls was a launch game on the PlayStation five and it’s infinitely better looking than most games that have released since then, and is absolutely good enough graphic wise I don’t understand how blood would look better than that game but OK.

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