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That's one achievement I'll never do. I wanted to stab myself after trying it with Reach. The challenge is there sure, but it's mostly just cheesing areas to get through and past areas imo.

We didn't speed run or anything, did a fair amount of looking around as usual. It's just your average length game at this point. Wasn't expecting too much more.

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An opinion contrary to yours means that the giver is a "butt hurt 12 yr old"?

The game was absolutely beautiful, the best I've seen on a console yet. The story however, was a huge disappointment, and that is the central focus of a campaign if you ask me. The lack of a constant "go here" marker was refreshing tho. I like to not have my hand held the entire way through, just a gentle nudge. In my feeling, you could have summed this entire campaign up in...

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halfb3nt is mine, took my brother and I 7.5hrs to 100% Legendary. All 7 terminals, started on Legendary immediately.

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Commenting is so easy, here's my ballot to replace the old rickety launch console. =P

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