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The new Marksman rifle is the worst. I have video of a guy headshotting me in a helicopter at the highest elevation I could go yet the kill cam shows him aiming behind me as I was moving, not in front to account for bullet velocity and drop.

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Xbox and 21 other gaming companies are taking climate change into consideration. Microsoft is working on making consoles carbon neutral.


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Really dude? A gamer, is happy about a game he can enjoy with his friend and you act like a child. Someone is definitely salty.

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Agreed, its a Rocksteady collection, not Arkham collection without those games.

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Have to give Kudos where Kudos are due and this is a well written review. Despite the score at the end they detail the game at length in a way that you are prepared for what is great, good and not so well with this game. Their RE2 Remake review on the other hand was HORRIBLE

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Would be nice if they included Arkham Origins in these collections. Its a great game with an amazing story.

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Agreed with all of the above, explore, explore explore before moving forward. Each side quest has the thought put into it like a main quest would.

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Imagine, I used those hours playing an older game I love without having to buy a new 360 when I gave mine to my nephew. What a letdown that was.

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@ Wonderfulmonkeyman - I would like to add a third group "too busy to play all of the awesome exclusives". All of my friends own an Xbox one mainly for multiplayer. I own two xbox ones, depending on where I am too in my home and where the wife is I can still play. I would love to have a PS4 as well but my Xbox one backlog alone is enough. I may do what I did last generation. I waited a few years, picked up a PS3 for cheap with Uncharted 1,2, 3; God of War 3 and Ascension, The Last o...

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Knowing CDPR, they'll probably hire this guy to implement this with their team. They do love to cater to the fan.

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I would put The Wolf Among us higher on the list. Maybe switch it with GoT. I found GoT amazing as im a huge fan of the show but lost interest towards the end. As for the Wolf Among Us I had no clue going in what it was really about and it thoroughly impressed me.

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When you can soon get the amazing Darkhorse figures for the same price this does seem a bit steep.

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I feel like they have won that dubious award for more years than just 2016.

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This Is not an expansion, this is another full game. There is more to do in this one expansion than most games.

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Origins had some game breaking and annoying glitches upon release but had the best story and boss battles.

I still have all of these games on Xbox 360. If they included Origins I would have picked it up, but as is I am skipping.

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I have played the first couple of episodes so far and I have to say the game is great. I am loving the gameplay and quite happy with preordering this game.

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That I did not know and makes me even more excited. You can almost see that in the way its suspenseful in the trailers.

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I am with you it looks interesting to me and I cannot wait to play it on Tuesday.
I don't mind the game length being around 10 hours. My time isn't as free as it was when I was younger so shorter games tend to work best for me. Except for the Witcher 3, had to make time for that beast haha.

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I am looking forward to them going back to their roots and making it a bit more horror based like the first Gears.

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I have more faith in this game than I have in other companies taking over franchises with the Coalition having Rod Fergusson, who was the executive producer and director of production on the first three Gears of War games overseeing development.

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