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-_- MTV Crap

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You just shoot wooden stakes, but that gun is so fun to use and overpowered lol

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upon reading title thats the first thing that popped in my head!

Muramasa ROCKS :D

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Total War are the kings of RTS. Blizzard are a joke nowdays. SC2 is the most overhyped crap ever. Its more overhyped then Halo or GTA IV.

Lol at blizzard fangirls disagreeing.

I bet you love being Milked. SC2 has be split in 3 parts and has an expensive price for a PC Game, yet you still support crappy developers.

I loved Old Blizzard, but current Blizzard are a shadow of former self who are unable to balance anything.

Why ar...

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This is 2010, the blizzard everyone loved is DEAD.

Only tards are clowns in Blizzard

PS. Beta sucked.

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On PC you can even play Wii Games with WiiMote with resolution higher then 1080p.

Hurray emulators :D

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That thinks SF X Tekken is just one huge milking attempt?

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Its always like this before there were consoles. I'm PC gamer mainly.

And no, I will not buy Starcraft 2. I do not support a company that keeps milking after original members left (thus fans like me always get disappointed) and higher price tags for unfinished games.
60 EUR standard edition 100 EUR collection edition. FUCK NO.

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It has very high piracy and easier to pirate then PC. You also get to play games before

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While I am not. Its Blizzard/Activision. They do not deserve my money. From beta I saw its unbalanced and unfinished. They will milk the crap out of SC2 before they even finish SP Mode.

I do not support unfinished games, even more if from Activision. The game is also too expensive.

Same goes for Diablo 3. Old Blizzard we all used to love is dead, only milking cash cow exsist

I know this game will sell millions due to the uninformed and mainst...

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Never have a problem finding online matches

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I have CAM from Eye of Judgment

Thus Move is only 49.99 for me

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MS uses most of their money on advertising. Uninformed people will buy Kinect thinking its new technology, despite being Eyetoy 1.5.

Mainstream crap sells, but most of it is quite bad quality. Example is Justin Bieber. His music cannot even be called music, but he sells millions. Teens that love him will want Kinect due to him advertising it.

List goes on.

Financial success? Yes
Success for us gamers? No

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When I send PS3 for my repairs, Sony gave me a brand new sealed PS3 right the same time I traded in. I am happier that way instead of fixing it.

Brand New FTW

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Still I have to go out with them to higher their trust, thus its annoying

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and that is being generous.

I hated it and sold game after getting to 20% only. I regret buying it on release date for 69.95 EUR (Over 100 $ for American people) and I was given inly 20 EUR for it.

Repetitive. Horrible Characters and annoying ("Hi cousin lets go bowling!")

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HS is one of my fav games.

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He cares about sales too much to be a gamer.

Edit: lol at troll below. I'm a PC Gamer you retard

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