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Yeah the bubble system would at least clean up the comments up a bit, you won't get the same person shouting you down over and over again.

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It isn't about views aligning or matching up, because that doesn't create any drama. It is because some users feel whatever is said doesn't align with what was said that they feel angered, threatened and just overall toxic that they need to go on the defensive where it becomes are screaming match as if it's personal.

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You have no idea how much I smiled when I saw your opinion piece. I hardly ever come to N4G anymore and was just wondering if anything has changed and if the mods actually took things seriously.

What you stated is one of the main reasons I hardly ever visit N4G anymore. It is refreshing to see someone call out the mods or lack of! I used to comment years ago, but the comment section just became a cesspool of bile, angst, trolling and bickering where it just wasn't worth...

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As good as a game can be, I don't think we can just say it deserves a good score because we personally like it, so it has to be scored well everywhere.

Just look at when someone thinks a Sony first party game is 7 rather than a 9, they get so much hate if they state valid criticism. As whelmingly great the reviews for Zelda is, as soon as someone says they find out ok, not great with valid points then that should be taken on board without hate.


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EddieNX, spare us youpity. I think gamer can live without playing a great game on another system. Whilst others can enjoy both.

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They added 5 extra days to everyone's subscriptions for the outage. They didn't have to give an extra 10% off, and certainly you are not entitled to a free game.

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Seriously, coming on and posting your thoughts then telling other users to "stfu"! What a way to point your point across!

Most people will wait for the inevitable price drop because they feel re-releases, updated versions or whatever you want to call it is not worth the same price twice. Even if YOU feel it is. Unless you are a die hard fan of series, most will wait. That's the reality.

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How about proving it with facts rather than just some statement you wished was true. People have said the same as you before but could never back it up.

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Let me correct you there, "desperate marketing"! No need to thank me, you're welcome:)

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So does that makes you a Xbox fanboy? Try not to make it too obvious!

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Moody's right! The same agency that had a hand in the whole subprime meltdown.

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Him stepping down or not doesn't matter at this point. Time to rethink the Wii U strategy. Because unless Nintendo is happy with below average Wii U sales then there is going to be problems.

As much as I love Nintendo they need to do something drastic, even great Wii U titles failed to shift the console in high numbers. Calling it the Wii U in the first place was the first mistake. Thinking what a great success the Wii had consumers would flock to buy the new system, when...

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I think for some people it can immerse them where they don't think about the bezels. For others it can break the immersion.

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Total biscuit is that you?

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2k games, why am I not surprised. Reading this kind of BS where they already revealing dlc before the actual age itself is off putting.

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I take it you are 12 years old!

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It might probably be a tiered subscription. Kind of what Xbox does with silver and gold. Silver gets you what you have now with PS+ and gold with the streaming services on top off the standard PS+. At least that's my take on it.

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Steam is testing the waters, how big the splash will be is anyone's guess. Although the current pricing seems like it might be a little splash.

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How does releasing a rhythm based IOS game mean any kind of revival? If you mean if fans buying the IOS game in their droves then Capcom might consider finishing MML3, the game fans wanted in the first place over some tripe IOS title!

If they wanted to revive the game they would of done it, there was and still is a petition to revive the game for whatever that's worth(not much to capcom for sure). But Capcom in their infinite wisdom brought out classics like Resident Evil...

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I feel your pain. I have pretty much abandoned Japanese tv due to the whole idol craze on almost every channel.

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