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Nintendo doesn't want to have to try to make their games better :D They expected the same formula to last (as bad as it is) like Madden games do.

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lol I haven't ever really watched a show, but I use Digimon as background noise - or whatever is on the anime channel on Roku - when I'm cleaning the house and not using music.

Digimon was one of my first thoughts when I heard about all of this hub-bub.

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100% agree. I have these awesome photo modes and nothing to do with those photos. I used to put them on the background of the PS4 and change it up every so often. It was nice to have this bad ass GT Sport picture I took and modified just sitting there while I cleaned house and listened to Spotify. Not everyone uses their systems for only games and is playing like an addict 24/7. I'm one of them who cares.

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lol "we don't need it" - everyone who knows its a feature missing but wants to lick Sony's asshole cuz the PD team is gonna go to their house and high-five them.

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Hopefully it gets cleared up soon! I'm pretty glad that I haven't made any major digital purchases on PS5 aside from my yearly ps+ and downloads from that service itself. My account got messed up last console go around and I learned that physical is the only way for me after all of my purchases were pretty much gone down the drain.

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Yeah it runs amazing on my machine. I just like the idea that I'll be able to play it on console from my couch now.

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They should do SOCOM. I don't play many shooters but I'd play the fuck out of that one again.

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Same here. I just now got God of War Ragnarok for 35 bucks. There was no way I was gonna pay full price for a PS4 game on a PS5 so I just played other games throughout the year until GoW finally went on sale. I'll probably do the same with FFXVI when it hits 20 bucks in a few years.

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That's VERY cool. Great job, Larian Studios! And thank you to the S users! I'm on PC but I'll be grabbing it for PS5 and I'm super glad to know it'll be even better.

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include the original dilophosaurus action figure with the frill and I'll buy.

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Heck yeah. Now I'll get it for PS5 so the wife and I can couch play.

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Though I do think GT7 is better than Forza, BeamNG holds the title of best car game I've ever played - and it's not even car game!

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I haven't played in a very long while and jumped in over the weekend after reading about a snow track. I was wondering how much they could have changed the game since dirt already felt like snow in the game. After a couple goes with a FWD and a RWD in CO Springs, I think they improved on the dirt a lot. It could be me just being more lenient on the game but dirt feels a LOT better now. Any one else have a take on that?

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Seriously. I have a lot of cool in game photos that I'd like to use as a background. The competition has had this for a while now.

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I'm really glad it has the same power as the current PS5. Good on you, Sony. I'd be kinda bummed if my current one was already outdated.

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Yeah that's funny how that works. I've been wanting to jump back into NMS for a bit now and the launch of SF has got me itching more than ever to go do some space exploration. NMS tonight it is.

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I can't stand the direction that Zelda took with the BotW series. Maybe this is what I need. I'll check it out!

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100% the reasons I'm not getting it either. No full party control and just looks too linear for me. I'll wait for FFVII remake part 2. I'm playing FFIX again for the first time in a long time and it's perfect.

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Man that was good stuff. I enjoyed the heck out of the music, gameplay, and story (the story is SO good so far). I'm just REALLY worried about its linearity so far. I'm really hoping it will open up a lot more than what we've seen. I'll look forward to reading a few things here and there before I buy but so far, I'm liking it a lot.

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Same here. It will be on sale and will also have those bugs ironed out. I've got enough to play for this year anyway.

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