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I think price has a lot to do with it. Most people believe that digital version should be cheaper. It's a great way for small developers to release there product. And I do own several digital games but I either couldn't get them another way or they where on sale, or free from PS plus or XB live

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They are sold out everywhere that you can pre-order them so I guess their marketing isn't a problem

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That was a very long reply that boils down to you dislike PlayStation fans and believe they are the only ones guilty of b.s.
Sony as a huge corporation with many divisions has money problems. PlayStation is 1 of if not there only current success. There is no way to know exactly how many people actually owned 360s or ps3s due to multiple purchases. For both consoles.
XB1 is more efficient and better designed machine so it will also make 1080p games. Just like the PS4. So they ...

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No I'm not kidding. This is what happens just read some articles and the comments on here from articles that say DX12 doesn't help much. You will see Sony fans agreeing,and Xbox fans saying these people are wrong. And Xbox fanboys do the same with PS.
What does this have to do with my comment?

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So when 1 Indy dev says DX12 doesn't boost performance that much they don't know, or their just an Indy dev. But when 1 says it helps a lot they are right.
IDK how much it helps or if the different opinions are dependent on experience with DX12.
What I do know is that XB1 fans are quick to accept good news, and quick to deny bad or not so good news. And the opposite is true of PS fans.

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All I need to know is the release date.

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We should all demand a better PSN, because they kinda promised us one when they told us we would have to pay for it.

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Well, duh.

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Much like Sony was doing this time.
IMO it was worth it, bigger HD, built in WiFi, bluray player, and B.C. was it a good move on Sony's part. No. It took them years to catch up in sales, and get a good game library. But in the end they turned it around.

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Games I can see but both services have been hit with a number of problems this generation.

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So he just made this decision. Literally like a week ago. can't really argue with his reasons as all are his either fact or his opinion. And he Cleary says we he choose Xbox over PlayStation not why you should.

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So far Ubisoft is blowing EA out of the water. South Park, For Honor, and the Division. Hoping for a release date at the end of this Division demo

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This will have no impact on remastered what so ever. As @avengers said they announced a Gears remastered after this. Plus it is easy money for developers

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Yeah the developers have to at least agree to it and with a lot of developers making easy money on remastered it could be a problem.

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I have seen a lot of people saying this is the feature current 360 owners will upgrade. But I don't see it that way. People who just have a 360 can already play those games. However it is something that might make people who never had a 360 consider buying a XB1. Also only 18 games to start with worries me but time will tell how much support this gets from developers.

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Not that this isn't a cool feature but if you have a working 360, means you still don't need to buy an XB1 to play your 360 games.

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This was a really good press event, Gears 4 looked great, B.C. is awesome. Previewing games like Day Z and Elite Dangerous is a good move. The AR stuff doesn't do anything for me, but that Rare Replay was sweet. The end of this year definitely belongs to XB1. Sony has their work cut out for them tonight

Just read that the B.C. for 360 only supports 18 games out the gate and I'm sure the games you want aren't on the list. Hope it gets a lot better if not it's ...

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Blame MS for the decisions they make, they haven't dropped the price of the 360 lower because they don't want to. Because they are selling at their current price well enough, and yes MS wants to make as much as possible from 360. Once sales fall far enough the price will drop until they phase it out all together.
I do agree that new consoles will come out much faster, but the last generation was really long. Technology just progress to fast for another 10 year cycle.

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Translation: I am a huge Xbox fanboy.

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I don't think morpheus will have a lot of time at the press conference, hard to show off VR on a stage. I am sure they will talk about it maybe even announce a release date and price but that is all

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