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wow the sheep on here amaze me to no ends...some people really need to grow up!!!!!!!

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who cares i just have to look for another company to throw my money at when they realize people are not buying there games for a certain console i wonder if they will start to care then!! (I WAS A DMC FAN)......."WAS".

to 2.1 i would have thought the same thing until i saw that part of there big anouncment was a rehash supposidly bigger and better version of a game that is like a year and a half or something old that came out on 360 and a game that isn't really that ...

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i don't care which of them looks better personally think this is bullsh^t giving us a year in a half old 360 game....BUT WAIT IT COMES WITH DOWNLOADABLE CONTINT............YEAH..thats gay i doughte a lot of people will pick this up considering it was a old xbox game that wasn't even that good
but to make it worse they are bringing it out in 08. seriously it's going to get lost in the sea of games that do deserve to get purchased but hey whatever i guess i shouldn't depend on capcom for...

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actually i believe that metal gear will just be a addition to the other system sellers; this will sell systems though but then again i might be the biggest but i have to wait and see what GT does because that game sales everywhere.

but just like the past installments people will buy a ps for thoes 3 games just like when i bought my ps2 after ps1 i knew what would be coming out for ps3 because of ps2 i am just glad that i am lucky enough to experience it.
these games deff...

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I can already tell that this game is going to be great no matter if you have the console for this game or not you have to give it credit and i know when it comes out it won't need to much hype to sell i am just glad i have a system that this game is coming too...............cant wait for all the good games that are coming out and this is deffinitly my top three im just glad that they are going to end this series with a BANG!!!

man i am glad to be a gamer in this time and era.

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did this game come out latter in japan or something

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like i say you either like it or you don't i will be getting it though!

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i will be getting the game regardless i liked the demo and it has a different style from anything i have played before and that's enough for me to consider a buy you either like it or you don't......GET OVER IT!!!!

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hey ill admit that it will sell consoles that is for sure but you don't have to be a troll come on i mean xbots annoy me as much as any one else but i choose not to lower my self to the bottom of the food chain!!!

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i guess the mass has spoken dead right or going to die yeah keep thinking that i know the truth hearts your hearts just buy a referbished one from MS; takes 4 to 6 weeks i beileve.....

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i totally agree with you now instead of what game you are getting its who's side are you on its rediculouse i don't think it was this bad back in the nes playstation era now its just gone to sh^ts from all the fantard factions i miss the good old days.....

but on topic for me i would have to say the playstation2 era its basically what made gaming what it is today and what made me a gamer long live playstation!!! and great gaming!!!

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man its funny how i see articles about PS3 dying or comparing it to something obsillete if people think that the system is dead well i know its only media in america at least because i doubt other countries would print so much bs but if people really think that then they are only thinking with the mind that MS gave them.....

i mean come on did xbox die off or gamecube i mean if you want to compare figures lets compare those figures...............i guess not but no they didn't h...

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yeah hopefully this will shoot down the rumors i mean 360 has superior games why would they care about ps3 games; thats just contradicting the statements they make.

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man i don't think the FF series is ever going to end and to me that is a GREAT thing!!! FF FTW!!!also GT FTW!!! and hopefully MGS potential FTW!!!

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regardless of all these articals that come out and describe the system as dead or a product of the past that never made it there is no comparison of those consoles to ps3 one thing 3DO was new playstation isn't and also people keep forgetting the fanbase which is the largest really the only people who are picking up a 360 right now are the same people who had xbox' there not really stealing anyone new i believe if they were then they would have a lot more units sold then what they do now; ...

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if people think that the wii is going to continue to outsell the ps3 like that then you are truly not thinking i mean if that's the case what about the wii against the 360 whats the solution for that and if anyone thinks games then HEY!!
same with the ps3 it just makes me think once the ps3 does start to sell more which i know it will what will you say then......maybe how long can it keep it up not long i bet......the only thing i can say is wait and see some people maybe eating there...

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this game is looking really good even though i am more of a tekken guy my self but this game is shaping up to be something to consider in the near future.
i didn't know they were coming out with another MK game i thought it ended with the last installment.

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i bet this game is going to be as epic and praised by the media as much as MGS2 maybe even more i can't wait to...FINISH........THE.....FIG HT per say!!

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man that's kind of sad that you relay on one game to change the fate of a console!!
but if that's the case hopefully the halo movie or what ever does good and maybe some halo action figures and how about a clothing line maybe just a few ideas.....

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Im a sony there are a lot of those i see in this article but back to the point i am a sony fanboy not to be mistaken for a fantard but im a fanboy for a couple of reasons mainly three which i am sure most of the sony fanboys know what i am talking about the.........
(BIG THREE)!!!!!

but i don't see anything wrong with it unless you take it too far i mean i may kid every once and a while like me and a friend of mine have been pro sony for a while now and w...

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