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GamePass is the next big thing.
the quality of games in there is mind blowing and for cheap price

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Homo sapiens only have 2 gender, if the developer choose to not include an imaginary third gender it's there choice if they do i don't care.
but don't make it a must to include these type of things.

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None cares. stop shoving this nonsense into my face.

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she look like a tranny and it's disgusting

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Good to know i guess?.

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Saudi Arabia is not theocracy. it's a monarchy ruled by a single family.

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the budget of the game was 12million , and the game cost $30, their profit double of what they invest in this game.
Huge success.

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Why would AMD lock themselves to one customer. it doesn't make any sense, the article tbh is garbage.

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"Is this okay?"
yes it's ok. WTH people when you make European history game i don't expect Arab guy in middle of Prague. same if some developer made a game of my culture history i don't expect to see a random Nordic guy in middle of the desert.

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As none white person i don’t give a single [email protected] about this. This is history people, you can’t have vikings game with a black protagonist

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It make sense to just subscribe to the pass and at the end of the month unsubscribe.
It's not slavery contract.

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It's sold in local stores, sony just do what they always do. neglect ME store with sh!tty games.

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Gotta milk these characters.

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"Showing Kingdom Building Feature"
Where is it? all i see is some blonde dot walking around !

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"the original article has a picture of psvr, vr focus has a picture of psvr and this article has one, but neither article states that the person was using a playstation and psvr before falling into his glass table"
good to know Apocalypse. what a valued information you have provided us with.

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"with it being 4 player co-op game"
i don't know why people think co-op is good idea in any game. i have a life so is my friends, when i am free at 8 pm my friends probably aren't.

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"you guys complain about everything yet you don't want to put the time into actually earn gta money. "
No i won't put 4000 hours of my life to get a a virtual apartment.

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Mind buzzling how they launched a game that encourage users to be afk.

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OMG you cured my addiction to porn.

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Not worth it, The main character has Schizophrenia half way in the story.

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