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She sells Louis Vutton now.

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Dungeons and Dragons online. F2P with plenty to do, and playing awards you points you can exchange for more adventure. The pay format is for getting stronger faster, but it's totally the choice of the player.

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We had some in Canada, but they opened too many stores too quick, so they closed them all...

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he's probably the one who's selling it and no one wants to buy it, so he kickstarted something and still gets his 20k.

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Why are they doing this? This is so stupid. It hurts consumers, not the company. It's like saying gas is too pricey, so to make them stop, I'll put sugar in everyone's gas tank

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I'm an insider and the next Red Dead will be in space.

Red Dead Radiation

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To answer your question, it's because people will buy it no matter what. Do you really think people won't buy the next COD or AC?

It saddens me though. We should stick together as a community and speak with our wallets. Instead, we'll bash each other over which version is better.

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I just discovered about this game through the contest. It looks fun, and can't wait to hear more about it.

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this looks interesting. Also, I have cookies.

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I hope

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people still listen that moron?

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pending capcom approval...

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"Lastly, unlike the original Dark Souls, undead players are susceptible to invaders in the sequel. "

I'm not sure I like this. I mean, people who didn't want to pvp just played undead.

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It's too far only if I can't drive and handbrake over them... repeatedly.

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The problem sometimes isn't that people don't want to connect, but that they just can't.

Between Montreal and Toronto are a panoply of towns that can only use one ISP service and they offer only Satellite Internet that you pay per usage. The problem is not only limited to those towns. I'd guess these people would like single player experience, but at the same time, the way that cloud work, they wouldn't have a good experience at ...

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exactly. Beer made a prime example of what Cyber bullying is, but Fish always was a whiny kid.

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my favourite quote: " A large number of the paid writers and content producers in this industry badly need to head back to school and do some refresher courses in being a journalist or editorialist, because the standards that this industry holds itself to are ridiculously, embarrassingly low."

Maybe this is what it'll take for gaming journalism to start being more professional about what they're doing...

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as someone looking to get better news or better journalism in the gaming industry, I found no entertainment in the fiasco.

Fish is a douche, but if Beer wants to have this kind of behaviour, take him off GT. If you want stupid drama, there's Youtube for that.

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