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You haven't even played it yet

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Not really. Tell me what's there to Kefka's character other than being a nihilistic psychopath who wants everyone to suffer and end all life?

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Sephiroth is an awesome villain but he doesn't have much in the way of depth. He does cool things and is intimidating but we rarely ever got to see another side to him. Same with Kefka.

Kuja, Vayne, Caius, and Ardyn — now those are the antagonists who do have depth, despite not being nearly as popular as those two.

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And they delivered on that. Ardyn has far more depth as a character than both Sephiroth and Kefka.

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It should be Tommy in Seattle during those three days, with flashback segments in the past when Tommy and Joel were surviving together.

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Are you seriously equating a dad letting his kid play a horror game to domestic abuse and neglect?

Maybe get off your high horse and realize that the definition of "bad parenting" is not the same for everybody. Just because a parent would allow their kids to indulge in something other parents won't approve of doesn't automatically make them bad parents.

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Everyone's a parenting expert nowadays apparently. That's the internet culture for you.

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So in your eyes, everyone who's ever consumed age-inappropriate stuff when they were children somehow ended up as damaged psychos even if they wouldn't admit it to themselves?

Any studies to back up that claim?

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And you know nothing about what the people around me think of me so...what exactly is your point?

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Nah, the main reason why games have age ratings is to protect the gaming industry from angry parents who would sue them if their children get exposed to things they deem inappropriate. It's less about protecting kids and more about protecting the entities creating mature content. Content ratings are mere suggestions, not the law. A parent could buy GTA for their kid and they wouldn't be arrested for it.

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I was watching gory horror films by the age of 8 and I turned out fine. Don't presume that all kids are the same — some can handle scary stuff at a much younger age, some can't, so it's ultimately up to the parents to determine what their children can consume.

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The kid wouldn't have lasted that long if he was scared. Don't tell me you guys never played M-rated games when you were kids. Sure, 5 might be a bit on the young side but as far as M-rated games go, it's actually one of the tamer ones.

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Then you could just... not save at all?

How exactly would having one ruin the game?

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Get help

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These people are seriously mentally ill

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Since when was 8 a "bad" score?

Bunch of babies I swear

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That means at least two million people have played it

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Imagine thinking that Bloodborne invented gothic horror.

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It's the very definition of a generic AAA game. There isn't anything in it that hasn't been done better by other games before.

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