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If you want it in physical form you can buy Journey Collector's Edition which comes with Journey, Flow, and Flower plus some other little extras. Otherwise Journey is download only.

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Like you assumed these people hadn't played Borderlands 2 because they think Journey is GOTY?

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Tries to prove a point about video game website, uses college campus as evidence.

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Right so, in his opinion, it's the best game of this year, by far.

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Your friends went back to MW2 because of balance issues, my thoughts? LOL.

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Seriously? I'm going to try and get my friend to buy it. :)

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Forever alone mode.

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The Darksiders' sale I was talking about was also $15. Perhaps the reason you don't know many people who have played Darksiders is because not many people are interested in it. You saying pretty much everyone has Borderlands just seems like you using your situation of having the game already, nobody knows how many PS+ subscribers have which games except Sony.

Most of those games you've mentioned have a great chance of coming to NA PS+ anyway, considering the overl...

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I could say the same thing about those games. L.A. Noire, Darksiders and Outland have had sales on PSN just like Borderlands, with L.A. Noire also having a complete edition. Oddworld and Outland were like $10-$15 on release. Anyone who actually wanted to play these games could have already.

The point of my first reply was to say you can't (usually) have both.

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So should they try to give away worse games that nobody has or better games that a lot of people have?

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This is just the first week's update.

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I said it's not a Vita exclusive because he implied people would give it good scores because the Vita's in a 'dry spell'....................

Never said it wasn't a good deal and I'm actually probably buying it.

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You never know, they could give away the last three episodes at a later date. They gave away the full series of both Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Back To The Future through regular updates and Jurassic Park through a special promotion.

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double post

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"beta's, barely and free games"

You get a minimum of 36 games (not including PS1 Classics/minis/etc.) with a one year subscription, and there is a beta coming this month.

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For July they took down Virtua Fighter 5, Hard Corp: Uprising, and Zombie Apocalypse and put up Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops.


For August they are taking down Gotham City Impostors and putting up The Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2 (counts as one game). They h...

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It's not even Vita exclusive.

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I stopped reading after, "1. Country Dance All Stars".

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Skate-AK is right, there are different game modes, but in all of them the only way to kill someone is with a super.

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Combo's, blocking, dodging, meters? It's depends what your criteria is for "competitive" because PSASBR is at the very least as competitive as Smash.

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