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It'll be the end of Valve

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Sony needs to get with the program... Digital is the future.

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Digital is the way of the future. Same happened to music. We can sit here and argue all we want, but that won't stop this from happening.

If this works for MS, just wait and see how Sony will begin doing the same.

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Im all digital now so who cares.

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Hate people that think they can do whatever they want because the have a position of power. Sony has to break that relationship.

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I guess xbox wont have any exclusives anymore.

Xbox and windows 10 exclusives.

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People act like this is the first time Halo is on PC :/

I guess if you have a capable PC which most of people don't, then you don't need an Xbox.

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6Tflops already convinced me, Oculus support would be icing on the cake.

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I have played the 3 of them. The Order is the worst of the 3 and UC4 is the best. QB stands in the middle. UC4 its just ahead by a mile.

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This petition thing is getting out of control.

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Really..? :/

People have too much time in their hand. Who cares, just play the game, which BTW is really ggod.

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PC can output games @ 4k - 60fps if you have a capable rig or resolution don't matter any more? That fact alone make any console game inferior technically speaking.

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MP is 900p @60fps, this consoles are underpowered. Disagrees wont change that fact.

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The consoles are underpowered. ND is just the best at what they do.

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Just bought my copy. Can't wait to play this master piece tonight.

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Go home Patcher you are drunk.

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Different team... Different Developer.

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Haha. You are funny.

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"So many on this site celebrated their PS4 for being the "superior" console and touting how buff their console was compared to the competition. Now all of sudden most of these same people are claiming to be okay with having a weaker console if the Neo is true. "


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