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I wouldn't take AI as gospel, especially a corporate one that ends most every answer with meaningless neutral ambiguity. You're better off actually talking to humans that use either and have something to lose, be it time, energy or financial investment. Personal experiences AI can't relate to.

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When Steam is one of the very few actually trying with it's feature set it's a hard sell to get people to want something on a storefront that could care less about improving it's service. GoG is another exception, but Epic, which is still missing many features that have been on Steam for years like every other publisher just half-ass it, so they've earned and continue to maintain their poor reception and presumably act confused come every quarterly report for failure to unders...

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At the end of the movie the soldiers bow out of respect for Ken Watanabe's character who committed seppuku with the assistance of Cruise's character, he was a rebel in their eyes and a relic of the old ways but they still respected him as a military leader much in the same way Watanabe's character respected Cruise for his abilities and military background. That's not an acknowledgement of Cruise being a samurai. His last interaction with the emperor was to ...

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I think the problem with The Last Samurai was the audience and to some extent the marketing. Cruise's character is not meant to be "The Last Samurai", that was Ken Watanabe's character based on Saigo Takamori, whom many consider to be the last true-blue samurai. Cruise's character was a cynical destructive drunk that had lost his way but found peace through (Hansei)self-reflection.

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I really don't understand this move from a financial perspective. Whole thing seems counterintuitive to selling a product as much as possible. If you don't have the network reach that Steam or even GoG has why do this to yourself?

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"but i dont know shit about software cracking etc."
I'd say so. It's a live service game.

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As someone that has built a watercooling rig. EK is big, but there's so many numerous watercooling part companies out there. EK's stuff isn't exactly amazing quality for the price compared to others either, it's just ok. Much like Corsair. The impact would be negligible long term. For perspective the majority of my parts are XSPC, at most I use EK for my gpu waterblocks and fittings. Both easily replaceable.

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Steam and GOG are highly preferred because of the rich feature set. Ubisoft, Rockstar, EA, Epic etc have all set a precedent over the years for customers to instinctively expect individual publisher launchers to be so extremely half-assed that the majority simply don't want to bother dealing with what is almost an inevitable disappointment by comparison to Steam or GOG. Those publishers and their inaction or general disinterest to improve have effectively ruined any future adoption to be ...

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For CPU intensive games that's mostly still a thing but why would you want to limit your performance around the price of a console? If you have the option to have more performance with a plethora of other use cases then take advantage and invest long term. You'll likely save more than the amount of the investment within a generation from such things as lower prices of games and no proprietary costs.

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Same. Still on a 2080ti, i9-9900k on water with 32GB RAM I built in mid 2019. Hasn't been a game that's come out that's given me a reason to even remotely consider. I'll upgrade in maybe two more years.

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I really want a post-release documentary of the development process of this game from start to finish eventually, developer interviews and everything. Just to see if there was any human element in the studio that wasn't devoid of irrationality. Planetary exploration was such a painfully obvious terrible choice to design around with this engine and it's archaic limitations.

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There's potential that Valve had already planned to bring Source 2 to TF2 officially after Counter Strike 2. It's been getting some renewed attention lately.

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It is a shame when the body outlives the mind.

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Will never not be funny how much this game pisses off people that haven't played it.

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I quite liked Magic Carpet growing up.

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Also because of GOG, and their stance on DRM.

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Never happening. Gabe isn't a fan of Microsoft on principle, namely their anti-consumer decision making as of the last decade, and Valve as a private company is majority owned by him. Even when Gabe steps down his son Gray has been under his father's tutelage for quite some time to eventually take over. Gabe seems determined to keep Valve under majority Newell family ownership. He owns the largest digital game storefront and actually likes gaming as a hobby and a job, he's in a mo...

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Not so much empathizing, as it seems to be an objective acknowledgement of a potential motivation for someone to go to such lengths. Unity is backing a lot of people, whom stake a lot financially, into a corner.

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Bethesda Softworks hasn't been a "PC developer" since Oblivion. They've half-assed ever since.

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Sounds like general superhero fatigue.

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