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Are you just haphazardly adding a bunch of mods without checking if they're compatible together?

Edit: Nevermind just checked your comment history. You're a troll.

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"Hardly threatened just don't understand the big fuss over pc."
What fuss? Nobody said anything, only you did.

"Super high cost, lots of problems, missing games, for what?"
Consoles have a small initial cost, until you factor in the entire generation paying premiums on just about everything, even stuff you shouldn't have to like multiplayer or "upgrading" games you already own. Why doesn't tha...

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Why do you sound so threatened by something you don't use?

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Crash Bandicoot 1-3, CTR, Bash comes to mind. Naughty Dog had made a publishing deal with Universal Interactive prior to Sony and Naughty Dog negotiating to exclusively develop for the PS1. Universal and Sony came to an agreement after a heated fiasco over credit claim for development resources that happened at E3'95 between Universal's president and Naughty Dog's founders, an agreement which lasted up until the end of the PS1's lifecycle. After which Universal retained exclus...

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AAA falling short has been a thing for years now. It's nothing new.

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Multiple launchers wouldn't be much of a problem if the publishers with their own put actual effort into them. So few have basic features that should be common sense to have even when compared to Steam or GOG.

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Even if he did his son Gray would most likely takeover to keep it in the Newell family. Valve is a private company and Gabe owns just over 50% of it.

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@anast Try being way less transparent next time, also getting an actual clue for once wouldn't hurt.

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@generic-user-name Yes. If all you consume is AAA then by the modern hyper-generic standards, you must dislike gameplay and potentially hate yourself enough to slog through such a such a shallow experience over and over and over again. Didn't use to be this way, but that's what you get with investor millions on the line. No room for innovation or risk, just mass appeal and corporate/player disconnect at the cost of just about everything that traditionally makes a game, a game.

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Highly doubt that. You already blew your cover with your first ignorant comment. Has nothing to do with the OS.

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@anast Your trolling is absolutely weak. I take solace that you deprive yourself of anything good and subsist on casual garbage. Brb gonna go play something fun and challenging that you can't, for free.

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Compared to standards on consoles, it absolutely is. Though personally I don't know many myself included that actually like gameplay that bother with AAA these days. Between corporate shenanigans, cutscene heavy movie-wannabe-nish and casual appeal they just aren't as fun as they use to be. Tend to stick with AA and Indies these days, at least they'll actually think outside the box and take risks.

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What? Witcher 3 came out in 2015. The 580 released in 2010, and didn't even have a ti variant. If you're talking about the 590 that still doesn't add up as that released in 2011. The 900 series was available at the time of Witcher 3's release. That's two generations of GPU between.

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I've come to see it as nothing but a coping mechanism. Consoles have become quite anti-consumer and the old brand loyalists have been hitting mental roadblock after mental roadblock to rationalize that very one-sided loyalty. Quite literally driving them insane.

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That's for recommended, and no it's not a first.

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One of many benefits to watercooling I enjoy, no comically oversized heatsink needed.

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Most if not all references set in another country wouldn't track with a global audience nearly as well as American ones. American pop culture is very mainstream and over many decades it's been exported through various media. You'll have a hard time finding someone almost anywhere that doesn't have some idea of America socially or politically, so parodying it is quite easier.

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I don't get the appeal behind building a PC at the same cost of a console when the entire point is to outperform with the near limitless options available to you not available on a proprietary system. By not limiting yourself you'd more than likely end up spending less by the end of a generation at even twice the upfront cost when factoring all the hidden fees that come with consoles over the years. Price gouged games, replacing controllers suffering drift, annual or monthly unnecessa...

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According to Nvidia it's not: "NVIDIA RTX Remix requires a GeForce RTX GPU to create RTX Mods, while mods built using Remix should be compatible with any hardware that can run Vulkan ray-traced games."

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Quite a bit lower, try somewhere between a 2060 and 2070.

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