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I’m not gonna out anyone on here because they’d just deny ur or go delete their comments, but I have a list that I compiled just for fun of 114 people who commented positively about most of bethesdas games right up until the buy out and then drastically changed their whole view point. Believe it or dont, but I saw it with my own eyes. Also, if someone isn’t in to Bethesda games I get it completely. I’m not a huge fan of naughty dog games even though the masses love them, but to completely do ...

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What game was half assed other than fallout76? And did you feel this way before you know?

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I don’t feel any of there games are incomplete without mods. Mods are fun and can add life to the games but I don’t need them to enjoy the games at all. To each his own thought for sure.

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It’s weird that this would be what worries people. There has been a very visible push for digital only games for a while now. I don’t like it either though.

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I’ve spent so much time doing the surveys. It seems mundane on the surface but I’m loving it.

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I wish I had that sort of creativity lol I’m having a blast with the game but my outposts are super generic

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Can’t wait

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If you don’t think that lies of p was inspired by bloodborne I don’t know what to tell you. But it’s obvious to anyone who played bloodborne.

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This is an Xbox primary player saying this I need to make that clear, but comparing this game to bloodborne is a disservice to bloodborne. It’s a better game than lies is p in every way.

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Have you seen the numbers on how much they’re making off game pass? No way they’re getting out of gaming. I mean just this month I get to play star field, lies of p, sea of stars, party animals, etc it’s a great value. I don’t remember the last time I played a game that wasn’t in game pass. I guess it would have been cyberpunk. I will be playing Spider-Man as well. Sonys version of game pass isn’t good. Their so called “classics” come from ps4 and no first party stuff day and date (because pe...

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This is 100 percent fake news

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F-zero wayyyyy to low on this list. I would take f-zero on the snes over any need for speed game. I think project Gotham should also be higher.

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I was on the first planet for 10
Hours just because I was doing the survey tasks and messing around with outposts. I sort of used it to familiarize myself with all the systems. Having a blast with it. I’m not the least bit offended at people not liking it. Good news is if you don’t like it, there couldn’t be a better year to play something else. Can’t wait to see all the negative comments to a completely honest and positive comment.

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I really don’t get why starfield and baldurs gate 3 are being compared. They are completely different types of games. One is a traditional crpg based around dice rolls set in a high fantasy universe and the other is a shooter set in space. They are both great at what they do best. I don’t think star field is game of the year in 2023 but it’s still a great game and I’m having a blast with it. I’ll be having a blast with bg3 when it comes to series x too. I plan on having a blast with Spider-Ma...

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I haven’t seen many 10/10 but it’s a 9 for me. It gets better the more I play it. Main story is really great. I’m not mad that it gets review bombed because i can see someone not liking it, but I’m eating good with starfield and sea of stars.

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At no time did anyone say this was gonna be the game of the generation. The narrative was that it needed to be for Microsoft. The game is an 8.5 in my opinion and I’m having an absolute blast. If you’re playing it and enjoying it just disregard the trolls. We all know if it was multiplat the narrative would be way different. Don’t let the people that review bomb it get under your skin. It just exposes them even more.

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I want a new f-zero so bad! Such great memories of the snes game

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Don’t worry when reviews start coming out for the ps5 Version the scores will mysteriously start to rise.

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I’ve played this game and it’s not better than horizon at all. The world and sense of exploration is no where near as good as horizon 5, 4, or 3

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Dang where is the almighty Sony first party?! Beyond Spider-Man which I can’t wait for.

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