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cant wait day one purchase

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Last time I read the dualschokers comment section. Fanboys are the worst. Micrsoft as a company gives away the most money to charity than any other company in the world yet some people still try to find ways to hate on them.

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Might actually jump on this price. Is super smash bros fun online on the 3ds thats a big selling point for me can someone please let me know. Also what other games would you recommend for it besides smash bros mario kart and pokemon

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This is article is total bullshit. You do not have to pay for the micros transactions they are there for people who do want to pay for it. I will gladly take micro transaction that I don't have to pay for to get the entire season pass for free which is 24 new maps spread out over a year 2 per month. The coalition is doing a great job especially on the post release free content this kind of stuff really annoys me the gaming media always has to have a problem with something.

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I've been playing this since it came out on ea access and cannot recommend this enough. Easily the best battlefield I have ever played and I have been playing since battlefield 2 modern combat on 360

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Great job by the coalition it beat mafia 3 which is multiplat, didnt expect it to beat out fifa because of multiplat and cause of how much the uk loves fifa

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day one buy

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bought mafia 2 and spec ops the line in hopes they become backwards compatible

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one of my favorite all time games. Was really hoping homefront the revolution was going to be this games spiritual succesor and what we got was the exact opposite lol

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I really hope this makes the scorpio 500 dollars to compete with the pspro price. Both consoles revealed yesterday were pretty pathetic in my opinion but hopefully it will prevent the scorpio from being 600 or more

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stoked for recore and forza horizon 3

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wish they would have put call of duty 2 on sale since its backwards compatible. Also why is forza horizon just the stand alone game never on sale

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Picking up forza horizon 3 and recore day one , gonna wait for a price drop on the bioshock collection and destiny collection

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For those interested in buying this game if you preorder it off the microsoft store online you get a 10 gift code to

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Damn every aspect of this game looks better than the first one and the first one was one of favorite shooters of this gen. This new mode looks like it could be really fun.

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glad I just bought the 2 tb xbox one s

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Heres to hoping they also bring back the great multiplayer from blacklist it was so unsuspected and addicting

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Wow this is beyond idiotic. How are they taking a major hit in subscriptions there are around 45 million Xbox live users. If you count that it costs about to 4.5 dollars a month on average for Xbox live that means their making around 200 million a month in subs. Which seeing how psn is right around 20 mill and costs less means Xbox makes a lot more money when it comes to consoles as a whole over PlayStation even while PlayStation doubles them in hardware sales.

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looks awesome cant wait to play him

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