None of you have learned one fucking thing.


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That's an absurdly dumb and simple minded solution. The only good thing that came out of that comment was that it made others feel better about themselves.

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....there aren't....

EDIT: Those characters aren't controversial because they're white theyre controversial for different reasons. The article is literally talking about black charcaters being controversial BECAUSE they're black, and you people want to imply that white characters get the same treatment. Fuck off.

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I used to frequent N4G and I'm pretty sure it's always been this horrible. Less now, even, since I don't see Foxtrot anywhere.

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There's nothing wrong with a video game trying to make apolitical statement and that's clearly what the Watch Dogs franchise set out to do. So if it's obvious that the game wants to make you think about politics then stay the fuck away from it.

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If this was Ubisoft people would still be calling this a downgrade.

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Few titles have ever really met internet hype, and it's given a bad name to plenty of games that weren't at all bad.

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Probably because Christianity has been the basis behind multiple other hateful movements that have persecuted and taken the lives of many people who are not Christian or do not follow Christian beliefs.

But they don't sing about that stuff in Church.

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I expect all my consoles to have 20+ games coming the second it's announced.

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Pretty sure the new generation starts when the current hardware provided by each major console manufacturer becomes irrelevant to what game developers want to do.

But you know, fanboyism works too.

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Welcome to N4G.

"Why you SHOULD be excited for _____."

"Why you SHOULDN'T be excited for _____."

"Is ______ on the verge of _______?"

"Top Ten reasons _____ is not on the verge of ______."

"Can ______ Save the ______?"

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Completely self aware. No shame. Thank you.

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Crash Bandicoot? More like Crash BADicoot, am I right HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Seriously though, shut up

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I hope someday you realize that "gamers" doesn't mean "me and my interests." You and a lot of other people have this problem.

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You're attractive.

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Holy shit dude, congratulations.

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Pretty sure a lot of games have issues day one before they're given the opportunity get feedback and be patched

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Good for you.

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Jesus Christ, dude, take a nap.

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