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No, you're wrong. I wasn't going to click on the article, which you obviously haven't done, due to the stupidity of its nature, until I read your post. Then morbid curiosity kicked in and I had to know which was stupider. Congratulations sir, you have won.

The fanboy here is you, attempting to twist the content and intent of the article.

Again sir, I say bravo, well done!

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The real idiots are those comparing the hardware.

They're the same idiots chest thumping over a Corvette beating a SmartCar in a race.

They're the same idiots exuding personal achievement and self worth over something with which they had nothing to do. (unless you guys are chip designers at Nvidia or AMD or ...)

They're the Kramers feeling like total badasses over besting the little kids in karate class.

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Nah, sticks and buttons are the gimmick, I can't wait until they get dropped.

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If the game appears on Steam, doesn't Steam get a a cut, making them the middle man of a digital sale?

Isn't the same true for digital products purchased through an App store?

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Sony made a business decision so they must be hated.

Hmmm, seems to work both ways.

If you had another bubble, I'd ask how you overlooked that.

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@ Icarus

No it's not the same story. The PS3 didn't launch alongside the 360, it launched a year later. If Sony has cut into MS's year lead of sales one iota (and you know they have), that tells you while both were on the market, while option was available, Sony sold more units than MS. Who knows what would've have happened if they launched within the same window.

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Really? Hate an inanimate object? The obvious overstatements lend themselves better to drama queen hit seeking than intelligent discourse.

Don't like that? Ok, how about this?

Mental health professionals tell us that hate arises from fear. Why not lay back down on the couch and tell us why you fear the PS3? (or any platform you hate for that matter)

You'll feel better once you face your fear and get it off your chest, and just he...

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Love their fans? By cancelling development on the PS2 due to Lorne Lanning not liking the chipset? I bought Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exodus on PS1 and Oddworld showed me love by cancelling the Munch and Stranger games on the PS2. They chose to stop supporting their fans on Playstation products. I would have had to buy an XBox to continuing playing the series. Sure sounds like Oddworld taking one for the team to me.

I get these were business decisions, as are the ...

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Epic Mickey 2 released on 11/18/12 in NA which was a Sunday.

Debunking: debunked.

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C'mon Logic, he saw though your veiled implication that his opinion was fanboy driven and you reply with 'I was simply just curious...'

Gimme me a break.

Random internet dude: My awesome girl just bought me Far Cry 3 with her hard earned money.

Logic: Does your awesome girl make her hard earned money being an overweight one-legged prostitute?

Random internet dude: WTF? What are you trying to say you @$**#*@!!!

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While others will toss and turn, pounding the pillow trying to get some no avail.

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I can only shake my head and roll my eyes when people say over exaggerated hyperbole like 'the resolution is so low that I literally can't see a damn thing' or that game 'looks like ass'.

Really? Never played an 8 bit game, huh.

I can imagine you guys sitting at your keyboards angrily typing away while wearing your two sizes too small, overly tight, pink tee shirts with 'Mommy's Little Drama Queen' embroidered on the front, LMA...

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That's not the worst part about trophies, that's the worst part about your friends psychological make up. They still need to make the decision to buy/rent/play the game.

I don't think a developer sets out to make a game a chore or feel like a second job, they somehow just miss the fun factor or misinterpret what makes a game fun.

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That equals $140 so you're basically getting a PS3 for $60. Has there ever been a bigger steal of a deal in gaming?

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LMAO You know what's funny? If this review was about a Sony exclusive your opinion would be completely the opposite and you would be calling him a whiny Sony fanboy.

'to advertise his opinion and to purposely hurt the rep of'

This is called projection and is exactly what you do to Sony.

There's a lesson in there somewhere.

On Topic:

As a professional, he should respectfully disagree and counter...

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I have never bought an unlock DLC pack and never will, yet I disagree completely. Perhaps some with less time purchase unlocks to allow them to be competitive with the people playing several hours a day?

And you say get some skills? How about this: Every MP game allows you to start with everything unlocked and you lose something every time you level up? This way, people that have honed their skills from hours upon hours of playing don't also have an unfair weapon advan...

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No, if you're lazy get the 360 version, that way you won't have to muster up the energy to play the extra content in the PS3 version.

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Count De Monet: I have come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting!

King Louis: You said it; they stink on ice.

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'Gamestop has a bad rep for giving you less for a game than what they’ll sell it for'

I think that's the way businesses operate. They pay less for something than they sell it for, and the difference is often referred to as gross profit. It's probably how they manage to pay for operating expenses, but I could be wrong.

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