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I mean, he is partnered with Sony Music. I don't care for him, but his popularity in NA is undeniable.

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I agree! That damn heatsink is a monster! And the Depth of that fan!? Some people see "120mm" fan and think no big deal, but hot damn that boy is thick!!

I do agree that having the m.2 easy to get to is paramount. Those of is that build computers or tinker with electronics are usually the only ones that feel confident swapping drives or tearing things apart, but I'm sure even my wife could do this. Kudos for ease of access and installation. Nov 12th hurry up a...

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I wish you the best of luck! I got mine in the first batch and secured my order. The process was super smooth and hassle-free, way better than the rush at other online retailers.

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James Stevenson of Insonniac Games has posted on Twitter that they are looking for a way to offer the remaster for purchase separately

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Figured I would put it on this comment as well as a comment by itself, but James Stevenson of Insomniac has stated on Twitter that they are currently looking at adding a way to purchase the spiderman Remaster Separately.

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Update: After logging in and checking my order on Playstation Direct, on shipping method it explicitly says- SHIPPING METHOD: Launch Day Delivery, Get it on Release Day. FREE for PSPLUS.

Dunno exactly what this means but we will see. I will update if I receive new information.

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I have a feeling that even though I got my direct pre-order, that inevitably I won't be part of the first wave. Even though Sony stated that Direct Pre-Orders would arrive by launch day. What a sad bit of news.

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You seem to be forgetting the Ray traced reflections as well (confirmed) and the fact it will have 4k 60fps option (also confirmed)


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The fact that they only specifically said "Will not include real money 'Loot-Boxes'.." seems like a clever spin to me. Seems like they will have Microtransactions of some kind just not loot-Boxes. Idk sounds like PR spin.

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You've literally commented this in every article so far, could be considered Spam at this point.

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I'm honestly excited about this game! Got it pre-loaded already and am ready to jump in come Thursday Night! I watched Arekkz spoiler-free review of the game, and it got me just that much more excited. Enjoy the game!

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And since when are 8's a Bad score? There are plenty of 9's thrown in the mix there as well. You act like an 8 or the few lower scored reviews, coupled with the lack of previews means this is a bad game. Blows my mind, But since that is what you believe, and you are happy about, more power to you.

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So you chose this one review out of the almost 100 to justify your preconceived judgement and Bias. So the only thing you called is that this review site has the same opinion as you do. Bravo.

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Sadly the studio responsible for the Order is now owned by Facebook, so I dont see us getting the sequel it so rightfully deserves.

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So are we going to call “Pro-Controllers” that have extra programmable buttons, that allow you to press buttons simultaneously that regular controllers can’t physically accomplish, a hack or cheat as well? Seems just as much as a hardware advantage as any other option out there.

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Yeah, knocking points off because it isn’t some revolution of the genre is a bit dumb. If it’s fun, then it’s fun.

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Agreed, one of the worst rated ps4 games “The Order 1886” was actually one of my favorites. I enjoyed it. Probably will enjoy this as well. Got it preloaded and ready to go! At the end of the day, a review score is biased. Doesn’t matter how good the score or bad it’s based on personal opinion and preference. While I hope that the games I have my eye on review well, it’s not the scores that lead to my purchase and I’m glad others like yourself have that same mentality rather than allowing oth...

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Meanwhile metro exodus shows full blown stripper titty. Do we hold Sony or the developer responsible in this situation. Clearly Sony has few issues with allowing nudity, based on other titles. We need to start questioning the devs as well.

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Even though this has nothing to do with the topic at hand. What reliable source do you have that says millions aren’t playing God of War after launch? How can you guarantee that millions will continue to play crack down after launch? Stick with the topic, or gtfo.

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