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Got to give it to Sony never a dull moment on the software or hardware side IMO. They have me spending tons of money (looks at his psvr, pro and og ps4 lol).

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No but I bought an S for my son for 250 and I'm disappointed smh. Put in BF1 and the difference in how it looks resolution and IQ wise compared to the PS4 version is really noticeable. Also dislike the ui and played Halo 5 mp but its meh to me.

Just ordered Sunset Overdrove for 12 dollars though so hopefully our purchase will be somewhat redeemed. Also looking into getting Forza Horizon.

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Fight that good fight. No,like how they showed Deep Down via Capcom but we haven't heard from it since. If you took your fanatic glasses off you would see there is a big differeneeeeeee between Sony and Microsoft. One is constantly releasing new, innovative and a variety of IPS while the other is not only axing and over promising but isn't delivering new IPS and filling the hole of those axed games. Some of you are incredible with your defense mechanisms and comparisons lol All game ...

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Yeah tons of games /s fight the good fight Microsoft legionnaire the Green force is deeply embedded in you lol

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True smoke and mirrors from Microsoft. We saw it with rrod fiasco, we saw it with Milo, we saw the actors and doctored up vids with Kinect and we saw it with the highest end PCs and controlled environment passing off footage as Crackdown real time destructible assets.

Why ppl believe the bs they spew after so many lies and disappointments is beyond me.

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Yeah I'm excited to see what Thurs brings. And yes it is between the wiiu and xbone power wise if we go by insiders, was just correcting those that keep pushing that false narrative based on rumors/insiders that its equal to ps4 power.

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Damn still too much, was hoping for 200. Knowing Nintendo they will sell it for 250 without a charger smh. If the docking to TV aspect of it isn't included I'm definitely not buying.

Anyway if its 250 with a good pack in game I might bite.

And lol at "a portable that is between the power of a Wiiu and ps4" stop the dreams it won't be as powerful as even an Xbox one. Some of you try too hard. Being the vita was so powerful for its tim...

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Lol another game axed, microsoft disappoints, fanatics get quiet and another gets mentioned then all of a sudden the messiah has returned lol some of you never learn and loveeeeee disappointment. The cloud talk huh, crazy destructible real time destruction you say and ? We saw that when? Years agoooooo u say and hasn't reappeared since? No never because what they showed was shown on high end PCs in a controlled environment. Xbox one, nor Microsoft will pull that off just how Kinect initi...

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Right!!! Like they said about the Wiiu lol Keep fighting the good fight and sell your product. It reminds me of the titles we see on here with words used like "spectacular, amazing, great", just to get clicks.

Seriously what else would Nividia say?

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Damn! Not a good look!! Crackdown 3 and its cloud computation (which was really shown working in high end PCs in a controlled environment) might be next.

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Zelda fan...

With a name like Zelda fan I already see the blind, lame fanaticism. Listen bro don't be mad at me be mad at Nintendo.

Little Big Planet alone last gen had more innovation than all Nintendo ups put together. You know the one Super Mario maker tried to be like and took cues from with build, share and play but failed miserably at the deep, innovative share aspect Sony implemented :) hmmmm u want more????

Journey although ...

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My main gripe with Xbox is lack of variety and new quality IPS. Then comes the power disparity and as a new Xbox S owner I can tell you the resolution differences in games are very noticeable to me (but that wont matter come Scorpio bcus they'll be on top or at minimum equal in this regard).

I'm with you bro, Microsoft please come out swinging not only in hardware but also software.

I'm also interested to know the resolution and form factor ...

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Oh man I love new hardware reveals no matter from what company it comes from. I am looking forward to the Scorpio reveal.

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No many of us know what's important. We also know some systems can offer higher resolution, good performance and good games all at once. We don't have to settle. Its funny how some fans make it seem that in order to focus or for a game to have good gameplay, games cant be graphically intensive and push boundaries. Of course informed gamers know better :)

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Sorry we don't all share your sentiment lol It is quite the oppossite, Nintendo hasn't been innovating in software in quite some time. Its easy to use the same art style and cookie cutter template for all your old and stale sequels over and over again. Out of all the big companies Nintendo is the one least innovatiing in software and bringing us new IPS.

"Anybody with a high school diploma" can draw cute characters, keep makin...

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Great game! The AL and how he really does react to you and feels like a pet is insane. The controls and camera does annoy sometimes but the game is so good. I am loving it!!!

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I would also want this. Going from ps3 to ps4 to pro and now a new Xbox one s owner the resolution drops from 4Kish checkerboard, to 1080p to then 900 p on Xbox one s is jarring. Even 1080p to 4K for me now its very noticeable. Nintendo tends to sway toward cartoony less demanding graphically intensive games with nice art style so 1080 I think docked won't be an issue. First party games should be 1080p.

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Do not try to undermine PS4s power advantage over Switches inevitable power disappointment. Most ps4 games are 1080 p in general at 30 fps but there are 1080p 60fps and the only 900 p games are usually Ubisoft or EA BF games. Usually 720p doesn't even exist on PS4 lol (yeah yeah I know u mentioned xbone to lend credence to your propaganda and claim but "quite often" is bs)

I know your a Nintendo fanatic but please stop the bs. Its always the same ppl too lol ...

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I don't think they would be able to. It would sell crazy numbers :).

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