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Say hello to the same Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer experience with a couple of tweaks :P

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All those MP (not co op) videos, previews, and images are all taken from PC there is no indications of how the console version will even play. Im not saying that BF3 wont be an amazing game but more and more it seems that console owners are getting the shaft with less player count, smaller maps, 30fps locked, lower textures, and now less destruction. PS This is why COD is failing because when fans speak up about something that is wrong with the game they are labeled as fanboys or your trollin...

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So what the hell is this then?! A COD wannabe playing at 30fps! The beta better blow me away or its MW3 for me then. And whats up with all of you? You guys were praising the game because it had destruction and bashing COD because it didn't but now that DICE are taking it out its OK! pfff hypocrites

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"We can but we decided not too"

Yeah that didnt explain anything.. I wish devs were more honest about what really goes on in the industry.

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Lol you must be a BO player, this looks just like MW2 but that's not a bad thing MW2 was an awesome game even though the community kinda ruined it.

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double the disc double the fun ^_^

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This is turning into a Guitar Hero vs Rockband situation. Anyways BF3 doesn't need to do anything to bring down COD Activision will do it themselves with yearly releases I mean after MW3 whats left for this franchise? COD in Space? Well it doesn't matter this will be my last COD until this franchise is re booted with a new engine.

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DVD must be abolished in the next gen

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I don't even care if it is just like Oblivion, i loved that game! ^_^

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I thought the Beta was fun and all but there was really nothing that blew me away about it either just like Crysis and Homefront. I think its because those games try to hard to be like COD but why try to be like COD when there is already COD, These games need to find there own identity and stop trying to copy other games.

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Raven why do you bash this game??? I know your a BIG COD fanboy but if you were a true COD fan you would be more angry at how Activsion treats the COD franchise and its fan base instead of bashing BF3, wise up and stop being a troll.

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Call of Duty is fine, the problem is the COD fanbase they need to stop letting Activision rip them off because eventually other companies will think that these kind of sleazy business practices are OK and will start incorporating the same tactics into other games.

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So your saying you would rather pay another $50 than have that stuff already included on the disc?

"face palm"

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I was pumped for this game until i found out that they had to cut content from all platforms because of a certain console.

id Software lead designer Tim Willits now says that significant game content has been scaled back in all versions of the company's upcoming shooter Rage due to the size restrictions of the Xbox 360's aging DVD format.While the expansive shooter was initially going to feature multiple wastelands, it now features only two major areas that are split ...

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People like mediocrity "looks at Xbox" <_<

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They say this every year and its never true

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Its not about making one machine look better than the other its about pushing each platform to their limits and giving the consumer more content but unfortunately for MS the PS3 can do a bit more than what the 360 can and that's not fanboy bs that's a fact just like the PC can do more than any console but Microsoft will never allow devs to take full advantage because they want to keep up the illusion that xbox is not inferior to any platform even PC. Now that devs are starting not car...

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The truth is MS is a cancer to the gaming industry.

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