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Maybe just PlayStation GOTY. Then again options are generic superhero story campaign, or full price remaster of old story campaign. Damn Sony really is out of ideas

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Wolverine, let me guess another 3rd person story driven button masher short campaign? So original

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Well apparently CoD going xbox exclusive would instantly bankrupt them so maybe they are a start-up company

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Starfield, Redfall, Avowed, Minecraft, Age of Empires, to name a few. Indiana Jones, Doom, State of Decay, Fable to name a few more.

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Yup. imagine paying full price for all your launch games in 2022 or 2023 lol. Living in the stone age

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@Kratos, what does multiplat have to do with saving money on launch day releases? If Playstation charged you 60 bucks in 2023 to get 3 launch day exclusives and 3 launch day multiplats, you'd be super happy right?

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In the next 12 months: Starfield, Redfall, High on Life, Wo Long, Forza, Diablo IV, Minecraft Legends, Atomic Heart, Ark 2, and more unannounced games.

For $60 /yr.

Anyone who disagrees either doesn't like a range of games, doesn't know what they're missing, are paying full price for game pass when they shouldn't be, or is a fanboy of ...

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If you like Bethesda games and shooters absolutely.

If you're going to play more than 1 game per year on game pass, yes. Will be playing approx. 5 games in 2023 that i would buy at launch. That's ($70 * 5) - $60 = $290 US in savings.

Go on, disagree with money savings.

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My savings from game pass over the next 3 years will buy me a PS5 to catch up on some campaigns =) The value is ridiculous, get it while it's still super cheap

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Shut it down. Remaster BC2, BF3, BF4 all in one, with BC2 destruction. Simple. Game will sell.

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Yup i bought a PS4 Pro last gen to catch up on Bloodborne, TLOU remastered + TLOU2. I accepted if i wanted to play everything interesting to me that I'd need to own both.

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"You have no gaa-aaaaames, you have no gaa-aaaaames!"

**Pssst, they have 30 game studios this gen and are about to steal our #1 selling game**

"We didn't MEAN it! We take it back!"

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Yup, the majority of users on here are Playstation loyal fans and don't want to buy another platform, so anytime Xbox gets a game they will say "no problem, that game is crap anyways". Starfield, Elder Scrolls, Doom, pfft those games are trash. But mention CoD the #1 selling game on playstation, and there's no defense.

If this deal goes through, that's a lot of loyal playstation owners coming to grips with buying an xbox or gaming PC. And that just ...

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"You guys care more for companies than you do the industry."

Users on this site have been riding Xbox for an entire decade about no exclusives. Suddenly xbox is on the brink of getting Sony's best selling game, and now it's all about caring for the industry. Wow.

Y'all are just upset that you'll have to buy a gaming platform that isn't Playstation. If you care about the industry buy both consoles like lots of us do, and st...

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MONOPOLY?? According to 90% of commenters on this site, Xbox has NO EXCLUSIVES lmao now they have TOO MANY exclusives and PS fanboys are afraid they'll have to go buy an Xbox or PC to fill an annual COD addiction. Too funny how quickly people flip flop

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Yup, MW2 (2009) map pack. Bring it on since the new dev team has lost its way with map design.

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You're not gonna get many agrees on this site, but i agree i'm really worried about such a small list of potential exclusives

Indiana Jones
Gears of War
Outer Worlds
High on Life
Sea of Th...

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Shinoff chevalier can’t disagree with most of what you’ve said. I just happen to be a Bethesda and MP and shooter addict lol.

Enjoy your gaming!

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That'd be pretty wild, resmaster WoW catalogue for console, and get 20M new gamers hooked on it

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Good point and depends what you're into. Multiplayer, shooters, and Bethesda = xbox. Story driven masterpieces and marvel action games = PS.

I don't want to be playing multiplayer/co-op shooters years after release or i won't get the full experience. I bought a SeriesX for multiplats with friends, Starfield, Redfall, Wolfenstein, Doom, and to try out Halo and Gears whenever they drop a new one. Zero regrets thus far, such a low cost of ownership. Will likely...

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