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The characters are “memorable” like the article says…. But for only bad reasons. No one likes them except game journos.

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One of the poorer reviews out there, this game is a SR game in name only devoid of charm and humor. Even 4 with some aliens felt more like a SR game than this.

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They should give it away for free in one of their socialist programs for those wanting handouts instead of hard work.

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@chubby then you have not been paying attention , there are tons of examples I’ll only give you one that happens early on the go on an anti capitalist rant at the beginning.

If you want more do research and educate yourself.

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Everyone I know was expecting this to be bad. I was atleast thinking the gameplay would be better.

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The answer is yes to both.

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Yah this is real bad. Even the whole politics extra credit won’t save this game.

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I’m not shocked it’s bad, I am shocked that most sites aren’t giving it more woke points. Or maybe they are and it’s even worse than bad just like we all knew it was going to be. It will hit psplus and gamepass very quickly

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They ruined her in dr strange madness. She was decent in some of the previous.

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Right it’s just another revenue model for games to choose from they just gotta figure out the amount of money vs amount of time On Gamepass and if a game releases on pc and ps then it’s not a bad option. People complaining about options…

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The variables change to much to translate this to any other game. What’s the duration on gamepass. When does the game release. Not just how much money they got. It’s the developer/publishers choice, no one is forcing them to put their games on gamepass. It’s just another option.

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You are right but I was referring to the most expensive train wreck of a tv show to ever be created. Rings of power

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Hopefully they don’t screw it up like Amazon

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