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Theres always that ONe reatard that have to complain,always,always,always. it so hard to take the whole thing for what it is?

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I cant even look at the game...HORRIBLE!!! Why put so much effort in something that look 15 years old??

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WOW! Not generic at all. Xbox in a nutshell. I will give the show credit for 2 games,out OF,WHAT? 40? What a show!!!

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Theres no age limit for playing games. Im 40 (+) Games are pieces of art.and should be played as such. I do.

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Already proven!! You must, seriously, be joking? Why even going there when this is clearly some desperate wishful thinking of yours that will never see the light of day,and even worse,deep inside you KNOW thats the truth??? If reality had proven the opposite then i wouldve upvoted you,but thats impossible!

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Microsoft simply ain't as smart as Sony,facts!!! Releasing not only a second machine but also one that's much more inferior to the other is nothing else but retarded. Not only,imagine the cost!!!They never learned their lesson,it seems!

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I don't believe, at all,that they are in their strongest position so far, quite the opposite!! While Bethesda is one hell of a game company,Microsoft's acquisition won't change the fact that there's a worrying silence over the whole Xbox community when it comes to announcements of interesting games can acquire any company in the world to get the feeling of power and exclusivity, but what good does that bring if great games doesn't exist....I still think that Micros...

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Crybabies. Always something negative to say. It wasn't the best show so far,but so f***ing what? Get your shitty little piece of sorry life together and move on. Doesn't mean that you ALWAYS have to comment about it....Lord.

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The only thing that was overhyped was actually YOU,thinking that you posted such a groundbreaking post.well sorry mister,your point of view didnt make any sense here!!!

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Oh here goes the crybabies again!!! Accurate comparison,since Microsoft were so sure they would break all sales record with xbsx.......well....

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Yup...I NEVER,EVER buy a game from a review...never done and never will...but these retards never seem to handle their own opinion instead of going for what everybody else thinks....

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People must have such a pathetic,non-existing life to put their energy into such a shameful act ....

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Then sell your house dude,wtf!!!

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Great news! The Xbox controller looks like a Nintendo Switch and DualSense doesn't!!!

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People being surprised over this must've slept in a cave or something!!! It is obvious that Sony will outsell Xbox! It's in their mentality towards us gamers,and have always been! I'm so confident in Sonys machine that there's not much to say anymore. See you out there.

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I wonder if you can open the lid,put some toasts in there ,close and wait for a few minutes and then enjoy them with some peanut butter,jam and marshmallows?

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To me,that's a loser formula! Didn't work with Xbox,didn't work with Xbox One X,and most definitely won't work with Xbox Series X either. I totally understand that Phil likes to buff himself up over performance but that also led to a total ignorance of showing great AAA games!! Kinda sad,because the machine itself yes,has potential but is worth crap without great games.....oh so the story continues....

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