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Hell yeah, knew this game would clear up at retail!!


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Oh sure. Show, don't tell. No more promises.

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It's not unusual. People go straight for those games when they pick up the latest Nintendo

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Take a break, Neon 😒

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Nice to see deva appreciate the works of other devs. You know some of them will get a shot in the arm and up their game after playing this and seeing it's critical acclaim.

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That guy was a nightmare

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It's not that simple, from a coma

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Umm.. Not on my crappy PC it wouldn't, Mr "I've got a super rig and my crap don't stink"

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^who gives a crap what you give any game? You're a drop in the ocean, no more important than anyone else here, yet you bleat on like you've spotted a flaw that NO other reviewer has. Take a break, you sound ridiculous lol

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Maybelovehater, so what percentage of PCs out there do you reckon could run this in 4k HDR, all the bells and whistles, at 60fps+?

Because that is the portion of people you claim can be happy. A miniscule amount.

What a joke. All for a desperate stab at Sony, who is leagues ahead of the competition much to your dismay 😢

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Okay, everyone mark this ^ as spam so the mods can block this muppet asap

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^nicely put, bluefox, I quite agree.

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I preferred Horizon, but thought both were great games.

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"resets the bar for technical prowess"

Hell yeah, it does!!

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^Aura7541, if that was the real reason, the digital prices wouldn't be so high would they?

The 'cartridges' thing, while grounded in truth, is largely an excuse to keep the prices higher.

Nintendo know people buy their consoles to play the high quality Nintendo games, not the filler. As people still pick up a Switch on a regular basis, they'll need their Mario and Zelda and they're prepared to pay for it, so why would Nintendo lower th...

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Lmao what crap! So the universal praise is mainly to give good guys SSM a l'il boost?

Not because the game is awesome, then?

Get back to your Xbox lol

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I see what you did there 😏

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Newsflash: humans do die

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Of course you, of all people, wouldn't 😉

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