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Im ridiculous? I have crashes every other day :-). For a brief time it was ok, but now they are more common. But usually no more than once a day. But if I play only one game in the evening, it stings. If you dont have crashes, you are lucky man. And it doesnt mean every other person, who has crashes is ridiculous. Wake up man :-). I would understand it on PC, but on PS (or Xbox) this game behaviour is very bad. For the whole time I have PS5, I have not encountered so many crashes. Maybe three...

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Yes, please, fix the game. Game is great, but crashes (on PS5) are more often then when CP2077(on PC) launched. And thats really hard to beat :-)

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I think Sony still needs AAA titles. But it should not be meant as AAA titles are the best ones and other are only for count. For me, Helldivers are must have as others like GT7, Uncharted 4, HZD, Days gone, etc... Sony should find a way to keep variedness even it doesnt make so much money in short term. Locking itself into EA style (top prioritizing brands, that make most money) is not way to go. Only for short time. Seeking for originality and gameplay is a key to have large base of fans. A...

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Yeah its like if Oculus started over with every gen. That would be massive disadvantage.

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I dont play PSVR2 so much as I was PSVR1. Main reason for me is, that there is no backward compatibility (there is left lot of great games I played from time to time - its like new platform). Second reason is there is less social games and demos. Everytime somebody came to me I loaded up PSVR1 demos (shark etc...). Now what? GT7? Resident evil?

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Of course. No developer can be faster than God :-D

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I think it is not a problem to have another high level combination of stratagems. Problem are people, which are pulled up by skilled people. I already met lvl 9 player on suicide mission.

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I was very surprised, that Game pass has only 34M subscribers. It cant justify itself. Absolutely not. But I believe, Xbox can do it with brute force. Maybe COD will lure new subscribers in. One thing is full game price, where even there developers say, that it hardly pays off. Other thing is small game pass fee, where people are happy, that they will save lot of money. How the hell can this pay development, if people save lot of money on games? I cant simply believe, that this can lead to he...

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I think PS5 Pro will have very hard time. PS4 Pro brought 4K. That was substantial difference to PS4. BUt what PS5 Pro brings? More framerate and slightly better RT? Maybe playable 8K (but thats not so much visible as a FHD->4K transition in normal living room with TV >80" if you are not sitting directly at it). Maybe better PSVR2 framerates/details? I dont know. Anyway it seems to me like there simply wont so much visible difference in games. Maybe I will be surprised.

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As a Helldiver 2 player (on PS5), I will gladly sign the petition.
For the Phil !!!!!!! :-D

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Yes of course. And Netflix has no right to block its movies from have them on Disney+. That was a good one.

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Who it helps? Me, because Its great game! You should play too, Phil.

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Thats interesting! I think Switch and also Steam Deck showed, that there is still huge handheld market. But switch isnt the right analogy.

Only analogies are Steam deck like devices. They have counterpart in desktop PCs. So you can run same game, same code on desktop PC and on handheld PC.

Switch platform is handheld one with games converted from "big" machines.

So if there will be another Deck-like device in terms of "ev...

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First one was epic! Im looking forward to this!

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PS4Pro brought 4K and it was really visible change.
I hope PS5Pro will be heavilly used especially for VR too. On the other hand, Im absolutely satisfied with 4K performance on PS5 and its quiet so no big reason for upgrade.

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We already heard this several times. It reminds me Intel. Lot of promises. But maybe this time.....

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@Jin_Sakai I played only first few games on cod franchise and then I couldnt continue. Now Im happily ignoring it with some exceptions. I think I tried Modern Warfare 2 and I didnt like it from the start. I understand there must be reason people buy it. But on the other hand I think most readed newspapers are that of low journalist quality but great amount of dopamine (through sensational news). Maybe its similar.

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I think this is about why it is so popular, if it is garbage. And outsell Zelda even if you are multiplatformer is really hard. But its nothing new. Many companies are milking their brands even when there is no milk.

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What? Free? Ok, Im looking forward to it!

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I play it as a single player from the start. Game is massively updated. Its much better than when it started. But has its flaws of course. And its not gta 5 type game. Its totally different. Here, it is something like heist centered defender of the crown mixed with rogue lite genre. Definitely worth it.
Of course with some friends, it would be much more fun.

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