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The Netflix of games, literally!
No thanks Phil.

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Because Mark Cerny & co designed and optimized a system designed to run games efficiently.

Phill Spencer just went down to RadioShack and bought a load of parts off the shelf.

He went back a second time when he heard the PS5 specs and demanded more tflops from the chap behind the counter to have 'mwapowa'.

The first lot of underpowered parts got fitted into a shoebox and sold as the Xbox Series S.

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Fannonbinaryism please!

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MS made to look like losers....again. Their lack of development and foresight has now been made clear to the world with what can be done, such as the Dualsense.
We will see an Xbox copy of it in about a year, probably tie in with the eventual Halo Infinite release if it ever happens.
"Oh we had ours in development for years, we were just waiting for the right moment to release it." Phil Spencer will say.

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B...bu..bu...but..but....Gamep ass!!!!!!
Surely someone will squawk out Gamepass in the defence of Xbox X?
Why on earth wasn't this chap so enamoured and excited that he could play all his favourite games again at a higher rez and faster FPS? Gears 5 (for fifth time round)?
I thought that was the whole reason to buy a Series S or X??!!!?

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Of course MS will copy it.

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Great little game this one, but yes more tracks would be good.

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Perhaps a problem for spoon fed idiots who need to be told what to do through their lives with large signs, otherwise it's all so confusing.

The rest of us can work it out thank you.

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I won't miss loading screens, and anyone who says they will are just be a test because they want their little voice heard as they whine about something pointlessly.
As in this article.

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Don't worry Xbox fans, I'm sure MS will copy the haptics and produce a facsimile controller in the next year or two.
Probably call it the Pro X controller or something...
Next dashboard update to also include 'activities' or perhaps something called 'missions' instead.

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£220 in UK for one.
£250 in UK for Xbox Series S
£450 in UK for Xbox Series X

You do the Math(s).

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Power of the (vape) cloud!

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Well this is exactly how it was advertised, its a welcome gift to new PS5 owners.

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Get to the back of the line Phil!!

He must have finally played all the games on Gamepass then, surely there's something on there to keep him occupied?

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Haha, is old Philled Sphincter asking Xbox owners to "wait for holiday 2021".

Amazing how many times he asks his customers to wait for another year isn't it?

I'd suggest in response perhaps people should wait until holiday 2021 before buying an Xbox S/X then.
See how he likes it!

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Better be careful, that's the screw that holds the duct tape in place!

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Enjoy your new consoles everyone, whichever camp you play in!!

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So PSVR games can be upgraded! Excellent news!

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Well how awfully big of them.

Can you imagine, "No, you can't play your new Xbox!! You will have to wait!"

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Play it, plat it, trade it for Demons Souls.

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