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More like the new Virtual Boy.

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"Why Playstation Move is Better than Kinect"

Easy: because it' s the only one that works exactly as advertised and with core games also. Period.

LOL @ disagree: you are pitiful, I challenge you! Show me a truly hardcore Kinect game working TODAY as good as Move works with Killzone 3 ( example ) or STFU and put the finger you used to click on "disagree" in your a$$.

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Straight, clear, concise and truthful.

Bubbles +

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I am secretly a superhero.

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@ just_looken: Vita means life. Look, I' m italian, and if you think that name is wierd I can tell you that there is a little city called Bra like 10 Km away from where I live :P
And Piedmont -the region where I live- ( Piemonte in my language ) means "at the feet of the mount".
Who care about cities names? There are wierd cities names in every corner ...

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New York ... wow much original choice ... awesome /S

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Where the [email protected] is the Instant-Ban?

Hello? N4G moderators? Wake up!!! Start doing you job!

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"I don't get it why the media wants Sony to fail."

My grandpa, in this case, would say: "no one does something for free".

My grandpa is very old, not very smart, but he is rather wise and often he is right.

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Where did they get those data?!!

I am not sure ( not even a bit ) the average price in EU is right. I am used to pay PS3/360 games 70 Euros ( 101.22 $ ) each in every shop. WTF.

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I would like to see a new official joypad, sligtly different form Dual Shock 3 in its shape.
A little bit bigger and with L1/L2 button/trigger more near to R1/R2.
Sony could keep Dual Shock 3 ( such a good piece of hardware! ) in production and make it compatible with PS4, so with the same nice "old" joypad and a brand new one everyone should be happy.

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Still it' s a better version, better graphics and more content ... but if it on a Sony console obviously it can not be enough.

It will never be enough. No matter what.

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@ No Way:

I have had 2 Playstation 2, the first died over 5 years, the second one is still running and kicking.

I think the same as you.

But there is a -not so little- difference, an evidence: with M$ we know they already knew the project was fallacious on the hardware aspect well before they put it on the market because they wanted to be the first on the market.
And people paid for an obviously, proved, rushed console.
I thi...

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@ GT_Ken:

You love your Kinect? Good for you. What is wrong with Kinect?

My point of view (I started playing video games over 28 years ago): Kinect is even worst that the first year of Wii. No games for people over 10 years old and lack of precision. Tons of broken promises.

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"That kind of mentality is exactly why this industry is falling apart. Sony keeps lying to their customer's (in more ways than JUST E3, mind you) and idiot fanboys keep supporting them."

Hmmm, I thought the same on Xbox 360 fans when they have kept buying a new 360 again and again and again and again because of RROD ... Wait ... Kinect, it is even a better example (tough one)!

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I' m with you!

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Playstation 3: It only does Fanboy-Journalism Lowers Ratings With It' s Games.




I use Firefox 4 too, but with this specific site it takes always a lot to load, this site is soooo heavy!

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I want Stella Deus The Gate Of Eternity :)


Metal Gear Solid + Zone of the enders series
Killer 7 with Move support
Devil May Cry
Shadow of Rome
Final Fantasy X

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Shaq Fu 2? lol why Shaq Fu 2?

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