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So friendly that their going to push this gen through another 2 years after next gen arrives without taking full advantage of the SX...... .. . ? .. . !!

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I'll admit, xbox is coming out real strong this time around, while sony is strategically playing its cards. Reveals are very important and need to be done right or It could all be blown up in their face like xbox one. This is the reason I think sony hasn't revealed much, I'm almost sure now that they will have the weaker console or they would have probably revealed it by now. It now all comes down to price sony is surely trying to gain intell on xbox price so that sony can price ...

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Microsoft is the only one that goes because they always make bad decisions and ends up dying 😂

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That sounded awesome, I hope true.

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This is what im mostly looking forward to, sequels to games that have been left in the dust by their developers. Although I'd like to see more 2d games like sequels to NES, SNES and sega.

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Possibly, along with all human beings if they don't find a cure

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The only one I can remember is Aladdin. I didn't really bother with these, I was too busy playing my NES, SNES, sega genises,Ps1, game gear, N64, and Sega dreamcast in the 90's.

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Its good for everyone, we don't need people going around and spreading that shit, not even for a frickin video game, and I said that with tears running down my face :( ........😄

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This isn't news, unless this was an rpg of some sort in which upgrading and removing body parts of your character is a goal of some sort to level up. In Any case I wouldn't want to play it, lol.

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Please have some respect for bloodborne, I don't approve this dam (adorable nendroid) specially after playing through this ruthless dark bloody game, that toddler boble head looking thing looks ridiculous, it doesn't fit with this type of game.

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Maybe in you're mind, and I respect your opinion but I think otherwise, SNES was superior for me and I owned both at the time.

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VR is in it's very early stages and has so much potential, were barely even scratching the edge as where regular screen games might almost be maxed out graphic wise. VR as of now and VR within a few years will be almost like comparing NES to Ps4 since technology has been moving so fast, I'm sure of it.

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Sometimes i believe this site is made up of mostly immature teenagers or young adults who don't know how life works and have no life experience outside of moms house... just a thought... .. .

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They mean accebility in wich people around the world will have access to it. Not to be misunderstood with mobility. Although I agree I prefer console and wouldn't ever go with stadia, its definitely not for me.

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Agree on SNES best console disagree on controller, worst controller was N64

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You're comment reminded me of south park for some reason

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Bloodborne 2 for ps5, with minimal loading on respawn time thanks to ssd. Make it happen please

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Im looking forward to someone making a terrifying horror game in VR and scare the crap out of me.

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