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It would never see the same amount of players...why bother

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N2NOther is correct...if it is winning in unique IP's, couple that with the fact if you added guest it would totally out pace Haro.

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The mods, maps, etc, aren't used a ton in the GP with the PS3...not sure why folks are making a big deal about it. I am on nightly with UTIII...and all GP games are standard fare. The only time I get to screw around with mods and various maps are the times I play private games with my friends, but it is a P.I.T.A - everyone needs to have the same charcater mods, same maps, etc (then you can't get into the game without a mod, you get an error...yadda).

So, mods on the PC are ni...

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Yes to MP and campaign

Yes to playing with bots

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I can't wait for this to hit the 360, especially with the capabilities of 'live'. I've been playing on the PS3 w/mods...but will gladly take live's MP capabilities over mods.

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Not sure why folks are making a big deal about the mods on the console. I've been playing on the PS3, and it's pretty rare folks use them in the GP area. The only reason I do is because if games w/friends, and it's only a couple of maps.

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I own both (360 and PS3)...and agree the MS did a great job with the online portion of their system. I would rather pay for the service and get what I do with live, than it be free and convoluted.

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They're already out at retailers. I bought the game through gamefly, for cheap, and picked up the drumkit on Saturday at GameStop.
*I use the GHII guitars, and headset for mic.

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Gears 2! DAMN! Cannot wait!

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I doubt either of them will see the top spot into next year, probably not into this year. There are too many great games coming down the pipe this year that are going to attract/pull a lot of folks from these games.

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...and for online ease of use, getting into a game, CHATTING in a game, etc...the 360 wins that, hands down. It makes MP gaming very easy.

I also spend all of my time gaming on the 360, the PS3 is just a blu-ray player for me.

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Anyone notice if you put your mouse pointer over 'previous report' it comes up with 'Spanish Fly Female Libido' pills.


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Still have my launch console, and I am an avid gamer.

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I found CoD4 to be a much more enjoyable, and intense MP experience over Halo. I picked up Halo because some friends picked it up (like others), and found myself wondering what the big deal is about the game. The $40 I got on trade for Halo was the absolute best moment I had with it. :)

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The only release this week is undertow.

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My launch is still up and running, never an issue or a repair.

PS3? IMO - Sony sacrificed a game console to move thier chosen format, blu-ray, ahead. Almost all of their actions in the 'entertainment' area strictly based upon that. So, buying the latest PS...doubtful. What Sony has up their sleeve for the next version, is anyone's guess, but the same could apply to the other contenders too. I think the reality is...the nex-gen wars haven't even started and won't until we star...

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That was like watching a bad kung fu movie minus the kung fu!

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Explictly graphic Mass Effect? LOL! Did I miss something, because I sure the hell didn't see it.

Aside from that...moral danger? LOL! Wow!

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I think MS starts a big push for d/l or on-demand content. This would make the most sense, and it's probably what they wanted to do all along. The 'add-on' HD-DVD player they put out was more of a that Sony is pushing, and buying, their way with Blu-Ray it makes more sense for MS to accelerate the d/l content or even on-demand HD content.

For the article...I'd say late 2010 into 2011 (wow, weird to type those dates) before we see anything new.

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So...the idiot played all the way through the game with the same guns/ammo as when you start? LOL! RTFM!

GREAT game. I am going back through it, changing a few things (from paragon to renegade), soon as I am done with Bioshock.

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