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From what I know term "whale" began from casinos. It is used to describe those that gamble bug.

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Regardless* you mean?

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Another computer?

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Play overwatch then

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Minecraft wipes the floor using Bioshock and whatever games you can name.

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Already happened.

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Its fate depends on you guys.

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Fixed it for you.

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Buy a Fuze console while you are at it.

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People expect Microsoft to do better and to be a worthy competition.
I know I expect them to do better, they did with the 360 and with the Xbox one is just seems they have given up.

If you are a fan, you are just going to sit there with an empty box or do you actually want more content? I know I would want more content to go with my lunchbox.

I know many people want the Xbox one to succeed, myself included but just take a look at what Microsoft...

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Rating for some notable current gen console games from an Easterner here:
Please don't get too triggered, these are rated according to my own views on the games.

NieR Automata 10/10
Soulsborne series 9.5/10
Nioh 9/10
The Last of Us 9/10
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wilf 8/10
Witcher 3 7/10
Persona 5 7/10
Final Fantasy 15 6.5/10
Uncharted series 6.5/10
GTA 5 5/10
COD Infin...

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Her face is ugly in any angle.

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The Irony

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Just the Scorpio? What about the Xbox one original and the Xbox oneS

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Don't worry, I don't find American cartoon designs attractive either.
I also don't find attraction in American/European taste in creating ugly characters "realistic" characters #Andromeda

Speaking as a non-Westerner here.

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Ironically there are actually more Vita games than Xbox one games
On the Asian PS Store at least.

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Xbox needs more software to grow, I made a comment earlier regarding this.

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The Xbox supporters in general do not want their brand to expand through pumping out newer AAA games and bringing in new audiences and fans.

Through many comments I have read, many of them are content with what Microsoft has to offer and do not wish for more games. And the only ones who want more games seem to be everyone else like myself who actually want Xbox to be a proper competitor and push more on the software side of things.

I want the Xbox brand t...

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I wanted scalebound.

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