Fritz it, guys.
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Devs get lazier and lazier when it comes to optimisations.. Except for a wee few Switch devs.

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Pi400 for me. it's a complete emulation solution, the built in keyboard and faster clock speed makes a difference.

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so u basically just download a client, and the client will cache gamedata. the devs can deploy updates and new content on-the-fly while the player is engaging in the game. it will take always-online to a new level, and u lose ownership over the game u buy coz these games doesn't come in physical copies.

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usually nintendo big sales are 10-15% off, so wow yeah. 33% they are craaazy now.

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Ten years on, I still can't love the PS Vita. 3DS just better in every way except the cheaper hardware.

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good shit!

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playing on xsx and encountered several "hilarious" bugs in my first 30 mins of playing. give it another year, guys.

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This game did not recieve a FPS Boost on Xbox sadly. And the Switch version seems to be running at 30fps also. It's an insult. Better buy the Steam Deck.

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Techland are not very good at optimizing their stuff. There was never an X/XS performance upgrade for Dying Light 1 (until M$ pulled off FPS Boost). 60fps helped a lot, but the sub-par resolution was unbearable imo. Fans were begging for an X/XS optimization but Techland didn't seem to care even though their game had a large userbase. I just don't care about this company anymore.

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As a media streaming device ps5 is sub standard - in terms of fan noise and coil hiss 👎
XSX has none of these problems and supports dolby vision, so if Id use a console, Id use that.

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Yet.. Noone is talking about the horrible amount of pop-ins on XSX.. So distracting.. Kills immersion.

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If they're making a next gen game, then we'll just have to wait around 7 years

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I dont mind the goofy dude but come on, at least show how the console look switched on.

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I think Pokemon X/Y was cool. But after that, Game Freak has been stale ever since.

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Been waiting a decade for a open world pokemon. Game Freak should step down now and let someone else give the franchise a new start.

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Pathetic. CDPR is a farce.

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Fuck CDPR post Witcher 3.

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Link doesn't work for me. Anyways, I'm not gonna give these lazy devs any more money before the do a 60 fps patch for XSX and PS5.

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