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'Superior tech to next gen consoles'

Are you saying that the Wii U will be higher spec than the PS4 and the next Xbox?

That's a silly claim to make... and if you are speaking about PS3 and Xbox 360 then I hardly think we can refer to them a next gen anymore, lol.

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Sony will find a way to detect these hacks and you will see the same people who are right now happy as fuck crying their ass off about how Sony is banning them for their illegal activities.

Just like there are boffins working AGAINST Sony, there are also boffins working FOR Sony. They'll be responding in their own way soon enough.

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Well in the article it says it's in Oman.

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Great stuff, nice digging from PS3 center.

I hope Naughty Dog build on the 'a city unlike any other' part.

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Then I will be going back to PC gaming. A *supposedly* simulation driving game that accelerates and brakes for you? No thanks.

MS need to come up with better software if they expect it to sell well for the long term, Sony made that mistake at the start of the PS3's life and they had to change tactics dramatically for their console to do well in the market.

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They don't need to update to carry on using the PS3's... They don't need PSN or to want to play games on it, they just run calcs on it.

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... once it was announced that 50 Cent would make a cameo. XD

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Why are the NA media all in a PS3 bashing frenzy today? What's wrong huh?

First you bash Sony for having a high priced console, then you bash them for dropping the price and introducing a slimmer one with a bigger HDD?

How lame.

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Any activision game I get will either be used, rental or pirated. Activision ain't getting any of my money.

I know it's a business, but at least show some respect for your consumers.

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And here I thought it was a point and click adventure game...

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I hate going to that site... my anti-virus goes mental blocking stuff.

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Ouch just got a paper cut! Damn you Sony!

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Writes idiotic titles that knows will gets hits... turning a possible x360 project by a dev team which should be enjoyed as an experience into a 'blade plunging into Sony's heart'... WTF.

What ties those two together? It's not like a dev team who makes ninja games will suddenly rise out of no where with such a ground breaking, earth shattering experience that it causes Sony to chuck the towel in and give up... LOL.

What a disgarce to gaming journalism... what am I t...

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But this game is far from a 10/10... it would demean any previous status that 10/10 gave.

I agree with IGN on this one.

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Score being 'boosted' by unknown sites when the same is true for EVERY AAA game out there... otherwise they wouldn't be AAA. Surely they are not trying to say that the game deserves below 90 when only 6 out of 54 reviews gave it that... most of the known sites gave it an AAA score anyway... which nullifies their complaints.

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I'm looking at the 'new arrivals' section right now and it's not there.

Has EU not gotten it yet?

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Use them if it bothers you so much, they work great.

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Some BLOGS are really dying for attention.

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Sony aren't publishing it either.

Anyway, have you noticed that Digi-guys have been much more talkative about the project after that recent 'fiasco' with an apparent ex-investor? I hope none of what he was saying is true, I was really looking forward to Wardevil.

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"Aperantly "?

How did this get through the approvals? EDIT NEEDED.

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