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Yeah, all the three PS4 units sold in Japan are making those three guys really happy!


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It's Batman himself. He gets hit by Sacrecrow's poison and his fear of becoming an "out of control" vigilante takes over.

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"Pretty steady"?

It drops to the 20s on the videos released! Brad from GB even said the game ran closer to 20 than 30 on PS4 during his FOUR HOURS with it and that PC was miles ahead of the PS4 version:

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People are still playing this repetitive, lifeless piece of shit?

Oh right, it's like Killzone, where they need to pretend to like a exclusive.

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Because Sony warriors had an entire generation where their PS3 exclusives sold a fraction of what 360 exclusives did (in 2010 Gears 3 alone outsold all Sony exclusives combined), and all their multiplats looked worse. Back in those days Sony fans said that all that mattered in the multiplats was the gameplay, not the graphics. Now they have changed their tune.

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Not "companies". Just Sony.

6 people in TWO MONTHS (2 from naughty, 2 from SSM, tretton and the sucker punch lead).


Add the 15000 lay-offs, 40 stores closed, 3 years in a row losing billions, selling their main building, and you have more than smoke. You have fire.

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Omegasyde, you need to do your homework.

There are 4 more retail XBone exclusives coming this year alone.

Forza Horizon 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive and Kinect Sports Rivals. Quantum Break was at one time too, but it may have been dropped to 2015. We had Ryse, Forza 5, KI, DR3, Titanfall, Plants vs Zombies and some shitty downloadable games.

Compare that to PS4's tumbleweeds and old PC titles.

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LOL at Ghosts dig.

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30fps, and it isn't even open world to justify the lack of responsiveness.


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Previous face looked MUCH better. More of an unique face. New one looks like generic asian with make-up (isn't she supposed to be British or something).

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Both great games, and unlike PSN's rental service, you can actually KEEP THEM even if you stop paying for Live.

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They should follow their own advice.

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PS4 launch title... with PS2 car models. That would be hilarious.

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Both confirmed 1080p 60fps. Nice try.

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So transparent.

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Sony fans think devs do everything free for based Sony.

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Both versions are confirmed 1080p 60fps, genius.

I'll take the version with the Ninja Run and super jump with a new character over the one that plays exactly the same and has a pixelated skin.

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Her face looks a LOT worse

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They probably promised that her shower model would never leak. The fact there is a shower scene GUARANTEES her lawyers had clauses about this shit. If Sony couldn't deal with it, they should never had the shower scene in.


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Killzone and Knack. A FPS that nobody likes and sells 5 copies, and a game not even Sony fans can defend.

On the other console, four massive, loved franchises and the best graphics of any launch title.

Dead Rising 3
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Crimson Dragon

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