PS5, then Switch Pro, maybe Series X, PC from day One
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MW3 multiplayer is a copy/paste of MW2 multiplayer. The minimal amount of new maps and guns ( if any ) and a shiny new 70$ price sticker. Casual don't care and Office 365 users already paid the 69 billion for Activision, so Microsoft don't care either.

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Congratulation Microsoft for an excellent 4/10! Jim Sterling gave the same score to Starfield. Well deserved! With Minecraft Legends, Redfall, Starfield and now MW3, Phil Spencer have to be proud of his first party line-up during christmas 2023. A good clap for Microsoft hard work this year. 70 billions well spend. Hope they buy Ubisoft next so that Skull & Bones get released.

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Microsoft rewards give me enough credit each month to get Gamepass Ultimate for Free each month and I have enough spare point to buy 1 additionnal PC Gamepass subscription each month also. Microsoft is literally giving two months of Gamepass to everyone doing searchs and playing Gamepass games.

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Starting your comment with an all cap "impressive" says it all. Even you feel it's something out of the ordinary that a Series X game run better than a PS5 game.

As Jin Sakai is intelligently pointing, most games this gen run better on PS5. That's a fact.

No amount of chauvinism is going to change that. Nintendo and Sony released good games this month and they deserve congratulation too.

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With Phil Spencer missing his Gamepass target three years in a row and the consensus that Starfield and Redfall are massive disapointment among players , it's good to see some win on Microsoft part. I second Obscure_Observer with the fact that Mario Kart 8 deluxe sales on Switch means nothing since Nintendo and Microsoft are not even in the same industry at all.

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This is normal greedy Rockstar. It's not like we didn't knew they were thieves based on the kind of games they make...

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I have found a nice reply on another forum that explain my point better:

To earn the $20 pack of 2,000,000 credits it would take around: 3.5 hours of racing based on my current track list. Which seems pretty reasonable to me? That's to unlock the absolute highest tier vehicle.

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I kickstarted this game! Haven't heard of it in a long time. Happy it's coming to console!

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Having a blast reading the comments. People being all angry angry. The best part being their no 40$ car in GT7. It's not like I can buy a car for 40$ straight. Fake news article and fake outcry. LOL at people who downvote since they are angry angry that I'm not angry angry since I have selfcontrol and don't buy for 200$ of microtransaction in every games. LOL

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Scalebound was a games I legit hoped would release on Xbox One. I was sad when it didn't happen. But now, I would much prefer they just go to Sony to make it so it end up being a good single player action rpg.

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I'm curious to know how Microsoft couldn't create new franchises before buying Bethesda and Activision. Which new franchise did Microsoft created after buying Bethesda and Mojang?

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At least Sony didn't buy Call of Duty Vanguard for 70 billions. Sony would have used the money to birth new IP and studio anyway. Who care since it's not COD hype.

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How playing exclusive Bethesda games going? Deathloop was great by the way and I can't wait to play Ghostwire Tokyo. Better than no games I imagine... But Call of Duty Vanguard will be on Gamepass and that only cost 70 billions dollars. Also, sorry in advance about Starfield delay, everyone expected it.

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Call of Duty exclusive to Gamepass is the only way Microsoft will start to have decent subscription number for Gamepass. Gamepass still have to generate almost 80 billions dollars in total before Bethesda, Activision and Mojang deal is profitable.

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Imagine how much jobs would have been created if Microsoft used the 70billions to funds new studios instead of buying a publisher. That would for sure not pull communities away from other platforms.

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Ok, I think we have understood: a Microsoft exclusive is the savior to the most sold superhero game ever. Ok we get it. Microsoft >>>> Sony. Is this why these articles get written? So as to "prove" one thing is better than the other? Ok, we get it. Without SunsetOverdrive ( which is indeed an excellent game 10/10 in my book ) Spiderman wouldn't be as great since Insomniac wouldn't have as much experience. That's great! Thank you Microsoft! Can we go back to t...

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Outriders was also day one on Gamepass, but then the developers never received any royalties.

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Call of duty franchise is like Pokemon franchise or even Madden. Every fan of the franchise want better games, better story, better graphics, but everybody else buy the crappy yearly release anyway. Why would Activision change anything to Call of Duty when it's the best selling games every year?

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I agree with you. Nobody can disagree that Xbox SX was late to the party in term of next-gen exclusives. The medium was ok, but PS5 had Returnal and Ratchet and Clank during the same period ( and Returnal won best action games ). Halo and Forza are excellents games ( Forza won GOtY from IGN ), but Halo is one year late and Forza was once an annual franchise, so in practice Forza got delayed too in term of not being present at launch. Microsoft may have "won" the last two months of t...

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They could also buy a big Publisher.

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