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Why is this idiot still talking about this game? More importantly, why give him ANY coverage.

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Los problemas se buscan y se evitan.

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That race is so dang hard, man. I'm still getting used to driving with the VR2, but it's incredibly fun.

I must've restarted that race at least 30 times, and the best I got was like 9th place.

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As usual, bottom-tier websites will play the contrarian in a desperate bid for clicks. By being an outlier, most readers say, "What? No, I gotta check that out." Happens every time.

Don't give these people the click, folk.

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Grid start WHEN

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Pavlov is kind of awkward while sitting. Reloading requires reaching at an angle that's just not exactly ergonomic unles you're standing.

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What's wrong with Pavlov?

I just got it yesterday, and despite getting constantly creamed even by the easy AI, learning the controls has been very fun. Reloading is awesome.

What issues have you had with it so far?

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Let it die. Please.

Cliffy B is a relic of the sixth gen. Forget this fool.

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Joke's on you, I'm playing with Control Type C1.

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What a stupid article. Of course RE5 is getting a remake. They all are, releasing on alternating years with mainline titles.

We'll likely get RE9 (RE IX?) in the next 24 months, and then a remake by the B-team on the following year.

Code Veronica is the most requested remake now that re4 is out, so I'm guessing they might go that way.

I hope RE5 includes the coop, which was a blast.

However, the game in the fr...

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Morir es vivir.

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The original Merchant will be DLC.

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What an incredibly ill-informed opinion.

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In Soviet Russia, games bring politics you!

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Crappy little website looking for clicks with clickbait, misleading, and outright false title.

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This game is DOA.

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Easily my favorite FE.

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Do you live under a rock? This game comes out next month.

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