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Not like it matters, most westerners don't like Japanese games. Can't stand DOA and Ninja Gaiden series, you can keep them. If you're happy with those games I'm happy you enjoy them. i can't help but notice the bias from Japanese developers and how hypocritically funny that it's ok for Japanese publishers to ignore X1, if an American publisher did that to Sony it would be called anti-Japanese, Racist, etc... Then again that's probably why most Japanese developers a...

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That's funny N4G has always been a pro Sony site and a few articles that mention MS in a somewhat positive light and now it's pro MS? Btw, the article stated it was opinion which means you don't have to agree with it. I have all consoles and see good and bad with all of them. I'm not loyal to a brand, I just love gaming.

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Exactly, everyone calls you an idiot or Xbot if you don't like everything Sony is doing. Glad to see I'm not alone in this. The collection does look good but not enough for me to want to buy it again, I already have all the games on PS3 so I'll pass and wait for Uncharted 4.

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I want new IPs not something I have already played a million times. Sony made big promises and hasn't lived up to them imo. I feel the same when MS does the same thing but at least I can see a big difference in the remade game and not just resolution. I love both systems and like I said it's my opinion, and I feel Sony has dropped the ball. If you are happy with nothing but the remakes Sony is dishing out, I'm happy for you it's just not good enough for me.

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I don't see it,images do look sharper and better color in some screens. The Character models don't look much different, just higher resolution.In my opinion not as big a jump as the Gears of War Remake, and yes I do own both consoles and honestly have been very disappointed in Sony the last year or so.

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@mikeslemonade, are you crazy? Microsoft is worth 200 billion, Sony only about 20 billion, so no. I'm happy both are successful but the deeper pockets belong to MS.

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The announcement was big, but Microsoft had their share too. I see it as a close race, not a landslide because it depends on the kind of games you like. I like Sony, but you have to admit Microsoft is making some really good decisions.

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@Eterna1Ice Haters,lol

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Just some card game, sadly.

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Exactly, I have beaten Crota with my team 7 times already legit. I was invited to a fireteam that wanted to glitch Crota I laughed and left because I saw no reason to warrant trying this. I am still disappointed in Bungie's RNG system. I have only gotten 2 pieces of new raid gear while the rest of my team have full sets of raid gear and are level 32. Please fix this Bungie.

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multiplayer and strikes yes, story no. Story is where I'm disappointed, with all the hype about how big Destiny was going to be I am underwhelmed. The game isn't bad just not as good as they said it would be, imo. If you like short stories then that's great,I myself expect more when a company boasts how big and ambitious there game is going to be. But that's just me.

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Exactly, I beat the story in under 8 hours, finished at level it's just rehash of the same old garbage. I'm very disappointed in Destiny, I thought it would be so much larger. "each world is the size of halo reach" yeah right, it took longer for me to beat reach. FAIL

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Game is too short, I thought it was going to be huge. I beat the story in under 8 hours.

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I was going to say the same thing, fans have been waiting for a new KOTOR for a long, long time. Listen for once BioWare.

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Goodbye life

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KOTOR 1 and 2, Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Age Series, Uncharted series, Tales of Vesparia, Lunar - Silver Star Story Complete, Parasite Eve, FF VII, and that's just off the top of my head. oh yeah Jet Moto.

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H1Z1 has a ton of potential, let's hope they live up to it.

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I can't tell you how many times my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I played the original, that made the game fun. Well that and laughing at the horrible voice acting. "I hope this isn't Chris's blood." Classic

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