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Maybe some of these games will get delayed even further... but in any case, sure 2022 is starting to look like an annus mirabilis for games

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The News article you are commenting upon its about the game bricking your card, is not a Fake News in the sense that is everywhere right now, it could be false of course but it doesn't matter really, a lot of people won't get the game just in case.
You are treating phoenixwing like he just said the craziest thing ever and this is what the article is about...

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For me it's Skyrim: full of glitches, crashes, bugs, basic mechanics and aged very poorly... Sometimes it was so boring, I did everything, I don't want to play it again.
But at the time... at the time it was offering me something unique, something new that felt like a real adventure... The music is engraved in my soul, l remember looking for hours how to get to that Dragon Temple in the Top of the mountain... and that's just a tiny memory of that game... Is not a perfect ...

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But some games you need to get them on day one: if you are into fighting games you have to... New World launch today, maybe you can wait like a week, but part of the fun of these type of games is getting them day one

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Is it a 9.5 because is D2 or it's judging the quality of the remaster?

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For me Dark Souls is an online PVP game. The mechanics are just damn near perfect. I have 4k plus hours put into the game and still playing and every PVP player will tell you basically the same: you might leave the game for a while but you always come back. An absolute master piece.

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There's a huge list of free upgrades PS4/PS5
But not this game. I'm a bit surprised to see that some of these games are way older than Death Stranding

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What's next? Horizon goes Egipt?

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Is that the Star Wars dude?

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keep hoping

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Dark Souls 2 wasn't difficult... I heard that idea before, DkS 2 being punishing and cheap and really difficult and that's why people hate it. No. It was bad, I mean better than most games these days but really bad when you compare it with Demon Souls and Dark Souls.

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I hope this game to be a success.
@edeprez yeah Brutal Legend was pretty boring, not good. It had some cool metal songs. The dialog was very boring (particularly the Ozzy's parts) felt like a generic action/ hack and slash with RTS elements? ( which btw felt extremely out of place), it was very ambitious, and of course unique in its intentions but it is definitely a failed product of its time...
@darthv72 I'd love to see a sequel to Grim Fandango (but i don't ev...

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no one's ever really gone

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Ring Fit Adv.
1-2 switch
Fitness boxing.
Just Dance
Aaaand Mario Party

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What are you talking about! Is not a console! Is not for playing. It's a collector piece and the whole point is nostalgia, to display it, to see it and enjoy the memories of a time long gone... That said: not for me.

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Diablo with a controller, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together

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Minor quality enhancements are fine, I'm more worried about MTs maybe even loot boxes... I know is crazy, but is Current Blizzard and they always find a way

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It should. Super popular game, I don't like it but people/kids do.

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Wow Classic was one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had, and even though it was a game made by Old Blizzy the re-launch by current Blizzard was stellar - I believe - (given the circumstances) Though it has become a bit trashy since then (I blame the community, Wow players behave like crack addicts).
I don't play modern Blizzard games, but I think we should support all these classic master pieces re- releases, because its like telling them exactly what we want

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You need to talk about MS Flight Sim, a complete different "game", in order to tell us how good and next gen Halo Infinite graphics feel?
I think the flight simulator looks pretty realistic, lets say good why not, and Halo Infinite looks like a last gen game and not even a good looking one

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