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I wouldn't be suprised if the same thing happens when it releases in NA & EU.

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Whatever happened to sly trilogy coming to the vita? That was rated back in april.

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Bastion and Super Meat Boy on the VITA.

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I've only heard good things about the invasion levels, so the possibility that they're not included has put me off somewhat.

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Didnt COD4 have a female pilot who you go save before the nuke goes off. The only one to ever exist...

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Yay! I remember playing this as a young un, ahh to fight the genome-zilla again, cant wait.

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Only Jak 2 is available on the vita store atm, so maybe they're fixing the other 2 before release. Plus its cross buy which is useful enough.

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Its had enough positive reviews from respectable sites pre release for me to know that its an excellent game. Some random site didn't like it. Who cares...

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I expect ffx to do well so ff12 is highly likely, crisis core and type 0 would be good ones to be remastered. As would 5 and 6 in the style of 4's psp remaster

I hope for a HD version of FF Tactics personally.

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Looking at some of the release dates of third parties suggest it will release some time in November.

e.g. COD Ghosts PS4 is apparently day 1, therefore it must be on or after this date (5th Nov).

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Considering E3 this year was about going toe to toe with microsoft, I wouldn't be surprised if they are saving the vita content for gamescom or TGS.

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Meh I care more about the release date of FFX HD than this. Trailer has left me underwhelmed and confused.

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Sony conference is at 2am on the 11th UK time.

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Excellent, jak and daxter will be very good addition to the vita, next sly cooper collection! And ratchet and clank at some point hopefully.

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I'll probably buy a PS4 when I finish my PS3 backlog, and a Wii U when project X is released. Not really interested in the xbox personally.

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I wonder how much profit they make per chip.

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Well, that was a weird read...

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The price of memory will always be an issue and I had the same thoughts before i bought mine, but if you think of it as an investment for the future its not that bad.
For example, lets say you dont buy the 2 next big games on your calender at launch and a random game equalling £100/140dolla. Instead pool the cash and buy psplus and the memory card, then you get a years worth of decent games to dampen the initial investment with no storage issues.

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I imagine if they actually stuck to the source material and not borrowed elements, movies based on games could be good, non do, and they usually end up being poop.
I did enjoy the 1st silent hill mind..

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Well i hope its Final fantasy Type 0 HD.

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