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To be clear, I’m an xbox fan, but yes they’re they need new ips. Which is why I was a little let down by the reveal of perfect dark.

They need a 3rd person narrative heavy adventure game. They need to show they can make a really strong single player exclusive

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I thought little nightmares was a great game personally.

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I don’t liked the trend of broken games being released in general, but are we gonna pretend this is the first time me this has happened? It’s not good no matter who does it, but I do think it’ll work eventually be fixed and will Be a great game. This isn’t why pre ordering is dumb.

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He probably forgot only PlayStation exclusives could possibly be the best on this site.

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Alpha Protocol, Silent hill 1, Jade Empire, or Soul reaver

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If we’re talking graphics I can see the last of us 2 being 1. Storywise, Gameplay wise though, no way.

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I’ll use small words so maybe you’ll understand. In business (any business), competition is GOOD. Without exclusives, that competition wouldn’t exist. COMPETITION pushes all parties to be better.

I’m sure you think you’re a journalist, but I disagree.

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It’s funny how this is only looked at as bad since Microsoft bought zenimax. NO one complains about Nintendo or Sony. Just stop with the hot takes and fake news.

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Yeah right lol 1 out of 10.......what did you give verdun then?

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I’m not trying to troll, but if a remake is the best launch game ever, it’s kind of a bad look. I haven’t Played it and I don’t dispute the scores, but it’s definitely weird.

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If that’s a real screen shot of the graphics then the gameplay better be really really good......

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By the way I can’t wait to play my ps5 Thursday

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Of course no one on this site cares, it’s Sony we’re
talking about......they didn’t care that the PS4 couldn’t play 4K blu rays or that back compact was pretty much non existent.

This site loves Sony more than Fox News loves trump

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Well because back compact actually works on Xbox. Despite what the Sony fanboys say back compact matters to way more people than they claim it does. I’m not even bashing ps5 I preordered both systems, but it’s not even close to the best launch ever. It’s certainly better than the Xbox series x or lack there of new games, but you may want to take those silly blue glasses off and do some research. How old are you? If your a teen or early twenties I could see you saying it’s the best launch, but...

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You must really love demon me godfall looks like destiny with swords, miles morales is a glorified dlc, and ratchet looks good. I think Dreamcast, ps1, N64, and ps2 were all better than ps5 and obviously series x although gamepass helps somewhat. Demon souls is awesome looking though for sure.

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Clearly you’re either the kind of person who only likes “ 1st party” exclusives, in which case you probably havent played the game and are just a troll, OR you just don’t like AC games in which case you should just say it isn’t for you. This game isn’t one of the best in the series and isn’t easily worth 60 bucks, to me anyway.

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Check out Microsoft flight sim.............I’d rather play Spider-Man though.

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WOW lol to each his own.

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