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what did you say?

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infamous 2 is so fkn awesome now all we need is kz 4 to have sandbox editing and sony is done.

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I can wait for this OMG this has potential to kick the crown off Metal gear online

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give us mgs5 konami

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mgs4 was still BEAST you cant lie i loved all the cutsceens

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no he turned into raiden from MGS4 wtf do you think?

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YES BUT so is mgs5 ive been saying that all day today (reason)cause i re-played mgs4

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trust ign to not know what they are doing. in other words this game is a day 1 for me

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LOOK i WANT MGS 5 NOW I WANT co op with otacon meryl jhonny and raiden to uncover snakes past (LOL wut?) i dont care i just want mgs5

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lol nice name

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wait WHAT???? BETA WAHHHHT WTF (head explodes)
*i need a bubble(s)*

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quagmire die now bitch imfamous 2 is the best super hero game with plot twists better story better graphics and sony polish you stfu u xbot just cause u cant get no games you dope infamous 1 dicked all over prototype 1 infamous 1 will dick on prototype 2 lets not even discuss wat infamous 2 would do to a messed up game like prototype 2

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pfft hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah a

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that one liner nearly killed me lol that was so funny

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yeah you played bf3 you fkn troll how can you say its not like bf3 if you havent played bf3

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why does every one above me have at lease 1 disagree wtf what did they say???

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there trying to act like the mafia but we all know its just one guy sitting on a chair with a computer in front of him/her

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lol u dont have HD 108p do you (with HDMi) i can say kz3 looks better but kz2 looks crispier but kz3 looks better [email protected]

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