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They'll manage to inject their corporate think-tanked lifelessness into these remakes and ruin them along the way just like every other hollow, trashy, unpolished game that comes out nowadays; very few exceptions noted here and there.

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"This plucky token corporate-mandated think-tanked character is part of our own spin!"

So organic.

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There's also this weird bug where you can only play against certain decks with each deck you run and the wins and losses feel totally predetermined 90% of the time.

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"Aim and them with a bow"

Like... your whole entire job is to write. The whole thing. Nothing more is asked of you, and at this point nobody expects any more for obvious reasons.


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What world do you live in where people don't get political on their work accounts? The vast majority of corporations push political agendas 24/7 on Twitter both through their sponsored accounts and their C-level employees accounts, but you conveniently ignore that because it's crap you agree with. It's pathetic and beyond reproach; a true embarrassment.

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Hopefully he starts his own thing. Will definitely support him.

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If having a different opinion puts livelihoods in danger that doesn't make him the bad guy.


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Don't dissent from the orthodoxy or we'll end your career.

Social media is cancer.

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I don't and the trope is played out.

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Lol, I told myself I wouldn't get hyped and we had to use a Bloodborne banner

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I get why Xbox has been pretty consistently behind Sony since the original Xbox if this story is true. Hopefully their exclusivity at least included a Zune.

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"Journalists" should look at how they can do better? 'Scuse me.


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Good. Riddance.

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Good. It might actually be finished before the game releases.

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Can't wait! Salt and Sanctuary was a cream of the crop game. Got high hopes for this one.

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...the hell are you people disagreeing with? Go back and look at any preview of Dark Souls 1. People were flipping out that they were referring to it as "open world" versus the more level-based approach of Demon's Souls and wondering how an "open world Demon's Souls" would function.

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Not sure why you're getting hated on. FromSoft is the best dev out there, head and shoulders above everyone else. ER's gonna be amazing.

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They called all the Dark Souls games "open world".

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They're less fun because fun isn't emphasized or critically acclaimed. It's about that "AAA" experience that boils down to hundreds of hours of voice-acting and corporate-approved stories and gameplay that boil down to "push button to see pretty thing". Gameplay is an afterthought, and you can feel it as soon as you pick up the controller and wade through the unskippable tutorial.

Games are less about being "games" and more about fi...

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