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Total kick in the nuts.
Hopefully all the upcoming games (yes there are upcoming games) have had their physical carts ordered already.
Bloodstained Ritual of the Night in particular.

How about more sales now?
How about releasing the 64GB officially & reducing the prices of the memory cards now?

It's a shame because after I'm finished with my Vita backlog, unless they release another handheld, I'll be done with So...

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Building a wall to hide the Xbox One logo, bravo.

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Yes, next rehashed question.

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FFIX Excalibur II requirements were ridiculous in the PAL version.

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Nah, it's time to let Hiroyuki Ito direct a Final Fantasy again (Director of VI, IX & XII, also creator of ATB).

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Yeah because age ratings stop the sale of games to people who are below that age. /s

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If we're talking about the PS4Pro, the XboneX & the Switch only, then I'd choose the Switch as it's the only handheld there.

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I will be waving the future gaming industry goodbye if it all goes digital only.
I have plenty of backlogs to keep me gaming offline for a good while.

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EA don't have a clue.

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Oh wow, they really have no clue.
Like Boogie said, get out of the industry.

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This could be a problem for the UK also after the EU leave deal goes through, since the EU enforce net neutrality.

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Probably need to reign back expectations after the last Mass Effect, how it looked before & after.
Plus they've lost a lot of talented people.

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Games games games.
Well done Sony.

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Uh what.... I'm gobsmacked.
We're starting to get devs who produce graphics that are so close to photorealism that they have that uncanny valley feel.

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Bluepoint games are fantastic, very nice.

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If they have money troubles I hope someone competent grabs the Breath of Fire series.

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Rather than posting about an exploit being found, how about you post about a new Firmware update, rather than making more people aware.

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(Unfortunately) it comes with the name of the game, Gran Turismo Sport (e-Sports), it's not a single player focused GT entry & that was the whole idea early on when they were talking about it.

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Xstation, actually the Xbox camp have been blowing that trumpet since they entered the industry.
1st with the more powerfull Xbox & then the 360, the PS4 was the 1st console Sony released after MS entered where the difference was a step above enough for people to use it against Xbox instead.

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Oh, Kaz put his foot in his mouth then.
Understandable he was trying to promote it, but putting more expectations behind a prologue/spin-off of sorts isn't wise when competitors are going ahead with their mainline series.

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