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i thought the blue and red tunics were the best, fire protection and water breathing extreamly useful plus it was nice to change from the green tunic once in a while

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gonna be great, can't wait for the new installment

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excuse me troll you need to shut up, did i say anyone else did not make up numbers on occasion, no i didn't maybe you should think before you talk.....but oh wait sony's fanboys don't know how

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ahhh sony how is making up numbers again going for ya?

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game is hilarious wish i had the money to buy it, anyone else think Samuel L. Jackson should have been the narrator

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true, but if there not feeling that enough people are playing and player count is below lets say 10,000 why waste the money on that when it could be put toward (again throwing a name out ther) battlefield 3 where they will need to back up there servers cause there will be server crashes on the first day like all major releases get first day or two

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i don't see the problem shutting down servers of games no one plays in order to support new ones....its not like its brand new thing that only ea dose

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i couldn't tell if i liked it or not from the demo have to try the full retail version to see

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why i haven't bought anything activision in years they make crap, soooooo how am i a hypocrite? cause being a hypocrite would mean i say then then buy it anyway

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so im guessing no one in here is buying uncharted 3 since it will be 60 bucks and 15 bucks is already price gouging.....tis a sad sad day

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saw goldeneye was like alright

then i saw activision and it became an automatic no buy

disagrees = call of duty fanboys

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oh heaven forbid 15 bucks is over priced, while everyone else in the world payed 15 bucks for it 1200 msp = 15 bucks but clearly people don't know math

that game is perfectly worth 15 bucks if you can appreciate the art style and what they did with it.....but from reading the comments no one dose

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its fable, ill buy it

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why not just buy both if you have both systems and like both games....why limit yourself?

me personally i don't like gears so im not buying it

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yeah he clearly dose not understand, prolly anything with an in-depth story and quality game play he thinks is crap cause it dose not involve running around shooting everything unrealistically

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i bet the code in the first game is to port them for free like they did with the rock bands after a while.....the code dose say hold on to this to keep on dancing

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maybe Alpha testing but seems way to early for a beta, the debugging/ testing process goes through ten tons of stages before we even get to see game play or a public beta

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i need to get the first part of this and the Bioshock book came out today 0-0 i have a lot to catch up on apparently

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as much as i am now looking forward to this game, why can't elder scrolls have a dev diary =[

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considering your eyes can't tell the difference then no, just like how our eyes can see the distance between two objects so 3D is point less as well (and i know everyone's eyes are different but the doesn't stop our world from being 3 dimensional) which is why i can't stand why someone decided we need glasses to see distance between the foreground and back ground of movies and video games.....there are no movie theaters around me anymore than shows the normal showing of a movi...

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