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very rocky start for Sony ... i wish them all the best.

after watching 2 hours of PS4s UI and features on giantbomb i think there's a lot of work to do. the partychat seems to cause problems with echoes, some menus are downright unlogical ... and the biggest one: there are no games!

i think they've done a good job with the PS4 but i have the feeling it will be the same as it was with the PS3 ... a nice console to play the exclusives on but not the pri...

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6 hours is very short

i hope Ryse will be at least 8-10 hours on a normal playthrough

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i would always take a good game over a just 1080p game!

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i hope this brings some PS4 fanboys down to earth.

just play games and have fun!

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you're a stinker!

horrible framerate .. lolol

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PS4 has no games, PS4 has no frames!

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lol, PSplus is miles behind XBox Live.

there's hope that it will catch up .. have fun with partychat.

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still better than NO customization ;)

looks really great!

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just amazing.

nov 22nd can't come soon enough!

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well, it is what it is!

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Jim Sterling is probably the biggest Killzone fan ever ... never would've expected anything less than a 9 from him.

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line of death ;)

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wow ... pure BS


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this article should stick forever on the front page!!!

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play this game on the 360 man ... smooth as butter!

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the difference won't be big!

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wow, what a lead, lololol!

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lol, funny how ps fanboys try to bring this in the hottest news. we all know by now that the ps4 version of COD Ghosts is not as good as the XB1 version.

hurts eh?

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there's hope that the patch fixes the issues completely. my experience on the PS3 has not been positive in this regard.

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wrong man .. if you google Brian's recent activities you'll see that he likes the playstation very much.

sorry! ;)

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