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Reach was one of my favorite Halo games. Same Halo goodness with no Flood. Sure it was a prequel and those always have some drawbacks but otherwise I don't see why people had a problem with that game. To each their own however. Here is hoping the new developers can live up to Bungie.

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Wow all older games or games I haven’t played.
I was thinking Asteroids in Dead Space. Ok didn’t make me actually quit but it was annoying and unnecessary in that game.

The first picture in the article was of an aircraft which made me think of a stupid level in Crimson Skies (I think it was) where even a cheat code wouldn’t save you as it was some follow the leader or timed crap...don’t remember exactly now, put it out of my mind. I finally got through the level Zen ...

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I probably game more than a casual gamer but maybe I have a casual gamers perspective on the dashboard because other than pins and internet explorer I really don't get what all the fuss is about.

I really don't notice anything different. I keep watching these tours thinking "wasn't that there already?". Didn't it look exactly like this after the LAST major update with all the boxes and stuff?

What I take from it is the dash itsel...

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Crosswords Plus!!! Wow bestest month EVER.

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I haven't played the last one yet. Do I need to do that before getting this new one?

(By last one I mean the last actual game that came out, which I don't think was AC2. They have me so confused its hard to remember which AC game I have played.... I guess I should look up the list)

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Arkham Asylum - All the boss battles. Especially the lizard guy should have been epic but they all stunk.

Borderlands - The Destroyer fight itself was OK I guess, but the loot you get from it and the visuals for the vault were so underwhelming that it made the fight seem crappier than it actually was. It also made the entire search for the vault kind of overrated. Though I guess the current game is doing some good recon to make it not seem as worthless (I will be able to say...

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SPOILER if you want to figure how to give him 5 on your own

Funny I hit a button to give him 5 (x is what it said) he drove over to the door where I go in to rolands house and did what he does when he is pointing somthing out to you. I didnt know I had to melee attack his hand at that point.

End spoiler

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I agree. I was thinking the title should be "how to ruin the gaming experience".

Yes, Yes I know everyone has fun in different ways. Well maybe the devs should have a mode that you can start the game and the highest level with all the good stuff. To me that makes the game pointless but I guess someone can have fun totally dominating everything and everybody for a few hours.

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I played Roland in the first game and then a couple years later played Lilith and found her way more powerful.

Still I couldnt help myself though and started this game with Axom. After a few missions I started wondering how anyone without a turret would survive. So to test that I started Maya and Gunzerker (havent started zero yet). Between those two Maya is kicking arse but the true test will be on my next story mission.

So for now I am switching back a...

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Yes it is.
Might as well just wait for the DLC to come out and pick and choose the stuff you actually want...maybe even wait for it to go on sale. No point putting that kind of money up front.

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I am not a trophy hunter as such but I do 'just play to play' because I think playing is fun. Sometimes I will try to get an achievement just because it's there and it’s fun to try to get. If someone thinks its fun to have "bragging rights" then more power to them. Who is anyone else to judge?

I think achievements were a great addition. I play the game like I always did but now I have a reason to go back and play it more.

I tend to ...

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What the hell was that.
Ok theres some truth in there with the inventory and the birthday, but hardly "Hilarious".

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Cars aren't quite as bouncy and when you run over stuff you feel it this time. Still not the greatest driving physics though.

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User wants to protest Gearbox because of Misogyny in a game they made. Even though the first game in the series he is currently not "giddy" about had a strong female lead.

You would need to be a pro to give me a pro-tip.

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Sure seems like the Siren was the best\strongest character in the last game. No boobs hanging out either...lots of half naked guys running at me with axes though, guess thats it.

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Does anyone actually buy from advertisers they see on webpages? I looked at the slides and I dont even recall seeing the adds and if I did its not like I am going to run out and get something unless I am looking for it, and then I am going to go to various vendor websites that sell what I am looking for.

Just like Spam... who opens\buys from random email sent to them????? Then again who watches reality TV? Meh what do I know.

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Might go on my get cheap list...maybe. Right now its on my *yawn i wonder what else is coming out" list. The 2nd one was bad, I dont really care to revisit that storyline and ME3 had some bad writing to. Slower RPGs actually need a story people want to play (and replay).

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Wait! There was a story?

Let’s see, I wait um...xfactor mutation... some sort of unclean people from a planet... false gods that don’t care except one that wants to destroy stuff.....but for a good reason...was it a good reason.

Hell I don’t remember. All I remember is I was Just getting into JRPGs with Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vespira and a couple of others and then the supposed best JRPG franchise kind of turned me off. Then ...

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A real one? Yay!

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