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sony fans once again bending over, so butthurt, someone get the sony fans some lotion.

watch dogs sold well and that was awful, sony knows hype sells so they lied about res & fps constantly. now were left with fanboys in denial

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another ps4 game falls flat, delayclub, shadowfail, infamous 2nd layoffs lol ps4 really has no good games, well done people you fell for hype.

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and they're running microsoft windows for development :) good to know they helped lol

and my friends a games tester there as hes moving to Cambridge in 2 weeks, good luck!

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xbox one has better features & games, and parity is already happening.

ps4 sold more through hype, lies & price. just like watch dogs & that was awful.

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people fall for hype every time, watch dogs sold well and it's a terrible game.
Same goes for the PS4, congrats to sony for fooling the idiots.

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real gamers don't even care about resolution.

the world is full of idiots that think a game looks bad if it's not 1080p, but we have to cater for the idiots because of sales & money. sony are smart which is why they constantly lie about fps & res on their games. they have a great time fooling idiots into thinking ps4 is miles ahead in graphics.

ryse won best graphics at 900p. enough said.

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900p is fine in my eyes, i wouldn't want it to be any lower though

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....but it only cost like 3-5 fps drops now & then... and that was a bug that will get patched, diablo can handle 1080p xbox one fine. another sony fangirl article, looks like parity has happened and i can enjoy this game while snapping reddit & youtube. at this rate ps4 will won't have anything to brag about.

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too many butthurt sony fanboy articles on n4g, somebody get the lotion.

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if i remember xbox was more hardcore as mlg/esports events were more popular on it but all systems try to cater for everyone.

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n4g is full of scepticism, especially in the comments section

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every ps4 exclusive has sucked except for the lou and that was a last gen remake (a very lazy one too) i expect driveclub to fall flat too, looks good though but i think i'll be enjoying fh2 more.

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LOL bury the xbox one? shareplay is limited to 60 mins, and it's only there to compete with ea access, on top of that, it requires you to have a friend who has paid for the game. not saying its s bad feature but it's not exactly a game changer.

sony should really start listening to fans and offering dlna, custom themes, improved UI etc rather than trying to advertise their games. sony has always been bad at software, i do like the ps4's hardware & design but e...

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performance is still great, i really don't mind 900p i just hope more games are 900p+ and 1080p if possible.

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try new games 5 days before release
more vault games (games to keep) to be added (already has 4 AAA titles) would like to see nfs included
discount on all dlc

just trade in bf4 if u already have it, pay the $30 and you have bf4 + the 3 other games + more games to be added and try any ea game for free 5 days early.

ea access is a great offer this article was probably made by a butthurt sony fan, ps now is a rip off and who would pay so much for...

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if mgs is a multi platform, then silent hill will be. i just hope hideo doesn't suck sonys tip too hard, or make us pay for a demo.

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if indies are what you like then get a pc, steam have a great line of indies, no one really pays 400 for a console to play indies, ps4 is lacking AAA titles tiles this year & also has very little software improvements & features in the OS. it's great hardware for the price, but so far, that's it.

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900p wouldn't bother me, i just hope it's not anything lower.

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DayZ would be amazing on xbone, i do think it will come out eventually, and they should realease a gears hd collection while we're waiting on the next gears

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i think naughty dog should go multiplat, with microsofts money & it's cloud services they could really make a world class game. it's the only decent studio at sony.

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