Eat my Sh1T
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Sad thing is I can't get hyped anymore for any game. I am really looking forward to this game, but I know when we see actual console gameplay footage it will look garbage compared to the Teaser.

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Should be Call of Duty Ghosts: Refund Program explained.

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The next one should have giraffes instead of dogs..LOL

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This is really great.

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I have a three monitor set up and a great gaming chair. I can't sit too close as I have fat milkers.
No disrespect to console gamers intended. But visual fidelity does matter to the pc enthusiasts.720p belongs in 2004.

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Only in America.The rest of the English speaking world/Britain don't need to dumb down our great language.

American English is just dyslexic English. :/

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Give us Jak&Daxter remastered in HD again! LOL

Was only remastered to 720p tho before...haha

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True, I wonder will 63 other people buy a xbox one so this guy has someone to play it's madness buying the xbone.

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LOL I meant wick and btw its 'spelt'


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100% agree, battlefield NEEDS to drop single player campaign.Every time reviews drag the score down because of it.MP only is the best series direction.

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Looks wick.

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I swear there seems to be more levolution guides than reviews.boring. :/

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PC purchase. No way I'm playing anything 720p. Conversation over. Done.

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What??!? There is a single player campaign?

Who cares.the sooner they drop the single player the better.

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7/10 is a joke.Should be 9/10, it's a solid game.

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He speaks the truth :)

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Launch night I'll be playing BF4

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This is such a shame but common knowledge.

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I'm starting to think PC gaming is for me, it's the more mature choice too.

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Let the kids play SR4 with its stupid series direction.Real men play GTA, save your money and buy like a man.

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